Customer Reviews

  • A great synth.

    by Yeah_3D
    I really love the sound of this synth plugin. It's nice, rich & solid. For me it's great because it holds up on both low & high octaves. I wish I could afford the original, though...
  • synth

    by fff
    This sounds are Huge!!!!!

    by Lennard_UnS
    I have to say that this is definitely a great synth, one can fall in love with it right from the start. The sound of Knifonium is definitely unique, and there are not many manufacturers of analog synth/virtual analog synth VST plug-ins, but for me, Knifonium is outstanding in both sound and performance.
    My opinion is that the Knifonium's sound characteristics are great for making retro-type electronic music (or music styles that require a retro feel, like synthwave), or adding a cinematic synth vibe to the music, or mixing in classic rock , embellished with something eye-catching...but I'm sure its uses are definitely not limited to that.
    Knifonium's interface is clear and easy to use, and while the modulation of analog synths isn't all that easy to pick up, I'd say the automation controls feel a breeze. Thank you Knif audio and Brainworx, and the Plugins Alliance for bringing us this wonderful work:)
  • Thank you Plugin alliance

    by R.
    Just Wow !
    This sounds amazing, I just got it from the deal !
    Thank plugin Alliance for enhancing my creativity, MERCi
  • Klifonium

    by GTop
    This is so amazing......i felt really in love...Thank you PA + Knif Audio....
  • Knifonium

    by MS
    A tube synth? I almost didn't demo this because I was expecting a cheesy gimmick but end up hearing among the most inspirational synth sounds I've ever heard. Just auditioning presets will inspire you to write new songs around them. Make no mistake, this one is not for doing covers, its for doing your own thing at a very high level. TMT? Its the real deal, love it.
  • Powerful & Gritty

    by SDM
    This is an exceptional synth that is powerful, gritty, and doesn't like anything else out there. Very inspiring and great for industrial, synthwave, cyberpunk, and much more.
  • Knifonium - Razor over the ears

    by Piotr Oracki
    Works great. You can "fly into space" when creating sounds.
    The only thing that needs to be improved immediately is preset management. Not being able to create directories is a nightmare. Now, when you want to make your own set of presets, everything is thrown into one place, one big mess. A warm request to the team to take a look at the management at Diva and Zebra, it is solved perfectly there.
  • knif_audio_knifonium

    by sjcongo
    the most analog sounding instrument plugin i found...
    working perfectly on my mbp 2014 i7 2,5 ghz, 16 gbram 1600, ssd, big sur, latest logicx
  • knifonium

    by clone
    I use this synth in nearly every track. It gets the "modular" feel of eurorack gear better than most plugins. sound is great.