Customer Reviews

  • knifonium

    by clone
    I use this synth in nearly every track. It gets the "modular" feel of eurorack gear better than most plugins. sound is great.
  • Magical

    by Alex Hepting
    Very expansive sound
    - love that very close knob for ringmod
    and filter gate even the knobs are tiny :D
    - mix ready presets and starters
    I wish you all the best in tweaking!
  • OMG!

    by Steele
    Someone said pair this with Diva and take over the world. Yeah, no kidding. We need a new way to spell PHAT!
  • Knifonium

    by Following Light
    Amazing synth , i love it ! Very quality and Unique !
  • Amazing synth

    by BluelagoonStudios
    Bought this one a week ago, very impressed with this one. If you're in making Chakra's this is the synth you want. But I have to run it on a separate dsp_server because CPU is getting low fast, especially if you run more plugins/ instruments on your system. But overall this is VSTi. Thanks Brainworx.
  • Hell of a synth!

    by Luiz Zen
    This is an amazing synth capable of producing a great amount of fat, classic, weird and analogue sounds. The presets are very useful and inspiring, and the presets manager is awesome, letting you filter by category and set your favorite ones for latter recall (wish DS Thorn preset manager was this good). The embedded ARP and FX sections are the icing on the cake, really easy to use and useful.
    Only downside: it's CPU heavy.
    Other than that, outstanding synth!
  • monster synth

    by monster
    amazing sound
  • Knifonium

    by Threpus
    If you love rich analog sound but want something besides the countless emulations of Moogs, Oberheims, Prophets, Junos, etc.- this is your synth. The rich harmonic content that the modeled tubes produce make for THICK saturated sound without becoming unmusically harsh in the upper register. It excels at grit, but cleans up surprisingly well and is always full of unique character. It comes with quality FX and even has CV options. Pair it with Diva and take over the world.
  • One of the best virtual synthesizers

    by Anton
    This is an amazing synthesizer: it's extremely versatile and it sounds as if you recorded a real hardware synth. Top of the line!
  • Awesome synth

    by Dangerous Orange
    This is fast becoming my favourite soft synth. I love how "nasty" it can get. Great job ...