Customer Reviews

  • Great buss compressor

    by rift81
    I like in on 2bus, it's perfect fat and warm glue.
  • Lindell 354E

    by Mitt
    This plugin is a no-brainer...for years the SSL G buss compressor was hailed as the go to compressor for glueing your mix..and it worked well...however, the Lindell 354E plugin delivered beyond magic, it immediately enhanced the overall track...even better, I used it on the drum buss and bass channel as well with spectacular results.
    Whats left to say, accept...get it!
    Plugin Alliance response
    We're happy to learn that the magic works for you. Thanks!
  • Dusty kick just right

    by TonVE
    As i like a drum bus with parallel compression
    i now have 2 drum busses with parallel compression
    One of course one this Lindell
    Townhouse is the other btw
    A real treat! Man....
    Its really special and different and adds that extra feel you were looking for
    i mean really....
  • 354E

    by The Pooh
    Not a single update in 3 years... because you can’t update perfection. They nailed it the first time... boom! This plug is perfect.
  • Smooth and big

    by Pitti Weidenhof
    The Lindell can wrap your mixes in something huge and soft. Above all I love shaping a mix with these fast attack and well chosen release times. The Lindell offers a big, special sound and surprises with unobstrusive, cool features.
  • 354E

    by element4audio
    Dirty (in a very good way), analog and organic sound, I almost touch the analog feeling with this plugin. If you don´t like the precise and artificial behaivour from the digital sound, It is what you need. Pure analogan vintage sound, really great
  • Amazing

    by cat
    This comp is sounding just amazing. It has become my goto comp on busses. Like all Lindell plugins this is top quality stuff!
  • It's awsome

    by sul chung
    I love it
  • 354E

    by Yong
    Very usable compressor, add quality touch to many source. Highly recommended.
  • 354E

    by BK
    From the first time I tried this plugin I was hooked. Working ITB (In The Box) on digital creates obstacles when the desired sound is warm and agreesive. This plugin solved a host of problems and is used on every project in my vocal and mix busses. There are other great multi-band compressors but this one just produces a warmth that many others cannot meet. Lindell and PA hit it out of the park.