Customer Reviews


    by Noizefield
    The sound of this compressor is best described with the words warm and aggressive. This massive box can push your drums for example like hell and pump them up for that super fat wall of sound! There is definitely a tendency towards more warm, analogue sounding results. If the compressor is not driven to hard it can also sound quite smooth and gentle. I enjoined the easiness to set all parameters for all bands. It really shines on acoustic drum busses and glues everything together perfectly.
    The 354E likes uncompressed and “raw” signals the best and there you can really add a lot of punch and drive to the mix. On already strong compressed mixes/ signals this compressor may be not the perfect choice. This can be heard on the second example of my short demo video. To warm up any signal like vocals, drums, digital synthesizers this device does it perfect. The mid/ side compression is very handy but I wish to have both at the same time. Maybe this is a feature that will come in a further update.
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  • Warm and smooth!

    by First State
    What a great sounding compressor! Very detailed and warm sounding with lots of control. A must have on the mix buss as it's glueing everything together so nicely. But it also does miracles on single channels like vocals, bass and lead synths. All together a really great and versatile compressor!!
  • Well done!

    by Justin Perkins
    Most multi-band compressors try to be very clean and transparent so it's nice to have a multi-band option with some color and character.
    It's also nice to see a vintage emulation incorporate some modern features such as M/S processing, adjustable crossover points, and ability to solo individual bands.
  • Lindell Audio 354E

    by DD
    This is rather cliché, but we hear mention of 'glue' quite a lot, well here is another pot of excellent 'glue' that just happens to be a rather nifty audio tool. Sounds fantastic, does an excellent job. What else does one need?
  • Lindel 354E

    by Perry
    I love this plug I have used 2254's for many years
    and this is different being 3 band but retains all the warmth and character of the real hardware 2254.
  • Lindell Audio 354E

    by George Ware
    The VERY first time I use the Lindell 354E on my drum sub really elevated my drum mixing! He gave them the breath the presence in the depth that always want it without using four or five other plugins. But it's not just for drums, try it on bass, guitars, keyboards, percussions even vocals you'll be amazed. I must have plugins for adding life to your mixing sessions!
  • 354E Drum bus happiness!

    by RefineAudio
    Love this on my drum bus, really helps to control the dynamics while shaping the tone to perfection.
  • Lindell 354E

    by Bob Olhsson
    This is pretty amazing! There's a lot to wrap my head around but it really has a nice hardware flavor especially for rock.
  • Drum bus heaven!

    by lurojas
    I have been using this plugin for a few weeks now, and I have to say that it is my go to plugin in for drum bus compression. I love using this for parallel bus compression, and I love the M/S feature! It beautifully allows me to widen my drum mix with the M/S functions. Also, the oversampling feature is a big plus! It's sound is so gooey and bold! I love it!!!
  • Lindell Audio 354E

    by Jam EL Mar
    So decent, so musical! What a great tool to give that extra golden dust to your tracks. Works in the sum as well as on single tracks perfectly! Great looking GUI btw... Five stars!