Customer Reviews

  • Mysterious magic

    by JC
    Got it on sale, started using it for quick / temp mastering, pre limiter etc. for a client on a huge (many songs) project, using the preset 'Mixbus Start Here'. Just that preset with a few tweaks here and there, mainly input / output levels, and it's instant magic. Lifts and focuses everything. Subtle. No doubt it can be used less subtly. What can I say. It just works! Less aggressive than my normal go to SSL style quick glue compression. Will delve deeper but this is a seriously good plugin!
  • Multi-band aid

    by J
    Love the vintage goodness and flexible nature of this plugin, glorious
  • Lindell Audio 354E

    by Avatar Studio
    This is a monster Multi Band M/S Compressor for ROCK....Awesome!!!!! I Love it....
    Thanks Plugin Alliance!
  • Lindell Audio 345E

    by LouisC
    Whilst this compressor will do wonders on a Master Buss it's when you drop it on Subgroups that the magic really starts to happen for me. That extraordinary Neve pre-amp character coupled with multi-band M/S compression makes this unit rise above others in its class. Not just a compressor but a tone sculpter too....!
  • Lindell 354E

    by PH
    Great "analog" sounding compressor usable for anything - from drums to vocals. For complete mix too.
    M / S option - very well Lindell Audio, well done!
  • review

    by 354e
    glue master bus easily
  • Lindell Audio 354E

    by studiotan
    intuitively musical, great presets to get started / learn capacities, ran some masters through at -3db with "flat" settings, then added bits of this and that to a/b tonal colours - (needs care w/ 'air' and upper-mid-punch) - great value - love Lindell - great deals P/A!- thx
  • Very Good!

    by Lindel Audio 354E
    Hi, I am Korean Mix and Master Engineer.
    This Plugin is Really Good!
  • Lindell 354E

    by RORO
    the LINDELL 354E exceeded my expectations. The operation is simple and the sound quality is great. A modern "analogue" plugin, which fits perfectly with my sound ideas.
    Thanks to Plugin Alliance.

    by James Cory
    This plugin has a big classic vintage vibe! Great on busses that need that character squeeze on it :)