Customer Reviews

  • Vibey Multiband

    by Aidan Brock
    While perhaps not as flexible as some of its digital-esque peers in terms of band ranges, it has a lot of vibe and has been very useful for things such as taming excessive low-ed buildup in bass and cymbal harshness on the mix bus.
  • 354E

    by timirjan@yandex
    Surprising expansion, qualitative sound!
  • Excellent!

    by Swanee
    I was dubious as I have a lot of good compressor plugins! But after downloading a demo I was hooked. So much easier to adjust than, say the McDSP multiband. In minutes I was transforming a weedy drum track into something much better. Great on cabin, vocals, bass... actually, I doubt there's anything it won't excel at. Shame there's not a DSP vers.
  • Perfection

    by MJ
    It sounds far-fetched but this makes almost anything sound lovely and delicious in its own right, perhaps even betterer, which is not always the desirable outcome for every source/track. Some things need to stick out while others do not. Also, some tracks need massaging, others not so much.
    Definitely in the top running for mains/master.
  • 354e rocks!

    by MCCdusk
    One of the most complete parallel compressor plugins ever. This really punched me off my studio chair. What a glue! What a sound! Famous!
  • Lindell 354e

    by Jt holt
    Soft around the edges but cuts. Very simple layout and is great for pulling tones off of toms and vocals. Just like the other brainworx products I've purchased I'm really happy with the results and ease of use.
  • A fantastic-sounding plugin with a couple of drawbacks.

    by In-Stereo
    This is a phenomal-sounding compressor, just like the 254E. It's tasty, punchy, and feels quite "analog" (whatever that really means!) to me. I use it all over the place, from busses to my master, as appropriate.
    Here are my issues:
    1. You can't see the values of what you're adjusting. For precise post-production (and music!) music, this is a must-have feature that should be there like it is in many other PIA plugins.
    2. The limitations of the original should be improved, i.e. the threshold should be freely adjustable instead of just in 2dB steps, and the gain as well for smaller adjustment than 1dB. In the modern day of computing, this is the advantage we have and it should be fully utilized, again as it is in many other PIA plugins.
    3. Background noise should be switchable off. Noise a cute feature but should absolutely be optional.
  • Wow, I guess I did need another compressor...

    I would love to knock off a point for the omission of external sidechain support; but this plugin sounds so damn good, I really couldn't justify it. The 354E definitely sounds like Neve analog hardware and is probably the only plugin I own that can deliver the sort of subharmonic warmth that is so elusive in the box. I have other great multi-band compressors, and this one still blew my socks off. Well done, Lindell and Plugin Alliance. 354E is an instant classic in my book.
  • Xband compressor

    by Alex Hepting
    I like this one a lot, there is no need to eq match if utilized in niveau mode for an equal frequency response according human hearing. Especially the oversampling makes a real difference. The only weak part in this emerald is the sidechain - any choice which band you only have a free range. The bx opto has solved it better. Sounds more focused. Not sure if an inverse phase option for each band makes any difference. Speciality: vocals, mixdowns.
  • one of the best!

    by rick drumss
    this is a cool one multi band compressor plugin on the market. i`m using it a lot on my drum bus. really love it!! thank you Lindell Audio i hope you keep this type of quality.