Customer Reviews

  • The ONE to make an album with

    by Pucks
    Easy to use and fast in operation. This is the dream channel that instantly delivers. Big fat and bold.
    The EQ is powerful and begs to be used creatively because of the 'only' three available bands. Instead of cutting out a frequency you can choose to boost everything around it. This is where the fatness comes in.
    Make sure you explore the hidden functions as oversampling and clipping hardware emulation because they have a huge impact on sound quality.
    I create both (guitar) popmusic as EDM and to my opinion this is one of the best (if not THE best) console emulation for ITB use.
  • Lots of character

    by Naji
    If you want to add some unique character, Lindell S80 is a great choice, if you prefer to keep it clean, check out Console N, SSL G or Focusrite SC.
  • Best purchase in a while!

    by 18Below
    My goto plugin has been the CLA mixhub for that console feel, but this thing is my new fav. I've always preferred a Neve over SSL. Thank you for knocking it out of the park!
  • It sounds amazing

    by Geo
    It sounds amazing on vocals. First in my chain and makes your vocals sound so "expensive". If it is on sale I would immediately buy it again
  • Absolutely stunning

    by Kash
    This is the first (and only...I've tried Acustica, Slate, etc. etc.) plugin I've used that makes my mixes sound like they pass through a real desk. It's unreal. The depth, clarity, and separation of each instrument gained by merely using the Buss plugin at 16x oversampling on the master bus makes this worth every penny. It helps provide what mixing ITB has been missing all these years.
    No really... every time I use it, I'm shocked. I will go so far as to say this is the greatest plugin ever made. I can't wait to check out what this company has to offer in the future. Beautiful job, Lindell Audio!
  • I'm in awe

    by Michal Kowalski
    It changed the way I mix. I remember when I saw it released I was having a laugh like "what's the point? we have acustica navy 2 for cheaper and it can't be better because ALGO!". And I use it on every track since months!! and I don't really can't find use for navy. The drive is magic, the seperation I get from tmt makes my mixes stand out. And the color, it's free compression and free eq, the harmonic distorion and color itself. It's simply genius.
  • The old console

    by Hans Joachim Moschgat
    Born '62, I worked and served, as many of us as a studio-slave in the early 80s, in many studios in Europe. Hearing the API at Wisselord, etc. But Neve was in my ear since Fleetwood Macs Rumours. Hearing and getting this mircale sound in a DAW by Lindell was then like the holy grail.
  • Realism ITB

    by Edo
    The 80 series adds instant analog heat.
    With a NEVE-type circuitry emulation packed with a colorful preamp, two sets of Eqs, a powerful dynamics section, plus the PA sidechain and mix mods, is a complete mixing tool.
    The bundled Buss module finishes the console sound with a cherry on top. Work in high upsampling rates and you got a real desk ITB.
  • Con este no necesito mucho mas

    by Luis Fer
    Un sonido grande y agradable, con este complemento, no necesito casi nada mas, excelente!!!!
  • Like Magic

    by JP
    This is in the Mega Bundle Monthly! It's the first Plugin I tried on a track. It sounds soooo good! Warm and musical doesn't get harsh. It helps you find your sound quickly. It's my new favorite. Can't find a thing wrong with it!