Customer Reviews

  • My favorite!

    by Gerard
    Maybe not as versatile as the 50 Series, and probably not as friendly to see the parameters, but this channel strip became my favorite. It has more character, more vibe. It puts a smile in my face inmediatly. Totally recommended!
  • Straight awesome.

    by Dr. Spectra
    Wow. Just began a mix by placing it across all of the channels, it has brought some serious weight and texture to everything it has touched. Put this to work on your music, you won't be sorry.
  • 80 Series TMT of beef

    by BDup
    This is a classic console with TMT is a beef... I drop it on most of my tracks. My main instrument is a Squier 5 string bass... With this one, it's sound like a $3,500 - 61Fender Jazz bass. Really nice and fat.
  • Loads of awesome colour

    by jota garcía
    This channel makes anything sound creamy and full of attitude. And all its features are super useful, you can get an awesome and controlled track in just about seconds.
    Love the vintage vibe of the EQ section, and the compressor is so simple and so awesome ... The Nuke mode is pure joy on drums.
    If you want to get a glimpse of early 70s sounds, this plugin is for you
  • Sounds like the hardware

    by Overdrive Music
    I own a 1073 preamp. The drive on this plugin sounds just like the drive on the hardware. It can really beef up tracks and distort them well.
  • Incredible

    by Dee
    Amazing plugin on drums, guitar and bass, absolute must have.
  • Beautiful vintage vibe

    by Adrian S
    Like any other Lindell stuff, it sounds great. The preamp can give you that nice coloration that you might be looking for. The dynamics section is really powerful and easy to manage to get what you want, specially thanks to the side chain filters and the wet/dry pots. The EQ really has that ‘silk‘ that they say. However, you will probably need to insert some extra EQs in your track to get your final tone.
  • A good amount "weight"

    by Vern
    I have had this for a while now and have run it through it's paces. While it's not my absolute favorite channel strip plugin; this could really be your one DAW channel strip. The EQ is quite nice and silky-sounding overall and very usable. I think where this plugin shines is in the preamp drive however. I really do get the impression of an actual console signal chain sound when using this plugin over a number of tracks. I hear that this plugin does add some "weight" to a track just like typical Neve of this era would as well. This is not a "clean" channel strip, and I'm glad it is not. Very useful and quite well thought out for all the parameters that are included. The buss feature is especially nice and will also add that console "weight" or harmonic distortion if you want to call it that to your signal chain. Really liking this one.
  • Best channel strip ever

    by SerStickman
    I've never used a real Neve console in my life. I cannot validate the quality of this emulation.
    I can tell you it sounds AMAZING!!! Both EQ's I find easy to use & incredibly musical. The compressor makes everything I hear run through it sound so much if the rough edges have all be removed & all that's left is what you want to hear. The pre-amp is pure gold when used with the unity gain switch. The 80 bus goes onto all my bus channels & glues the mix together in a pleasing-2-my-ear kind of way.
    Perfect for vocals, guitars, instruments & any damn thing you can make a sound with, imo!
  • Amazing! Finally i found my neve-style plugin!

    by volker
    Since i am not a UAD-user, i searched a long time for a nice neve-style channel strip.
    I tried the waves vintage series, noiseash need and even the bx_console N, but i think i finally found it with the lindell 80.
    For me, the advantage of the lindell 80 series over the others is the very intuitive and nice GUI (this is where the bx_console lacks), the smooth and warm lows and highs (this is where noiseash lacks) and a good portion of analog vibe beeing not to sterile (this is where waves veq lacks). The integrated parallel compressor makes it also very versatile. Honestly i dont use the gate that often, but i like to have it just in case ...
    TMT is a nice benefit and teases me to use the lindell 80 channel and bus as much as i can. The marketing and development team definately did their job binding me to a plugin :D
    There is just one thing, i would really vote for even if it's not true to hardware:
    A second midband EQ.
    I tend to need it quite often to tweak the sound a little bit more. Of course i can use another plugin for that, but wouldnt it be great to have it all in a lindell 80's box???
    So please lindellaudio, add just a clone of the midband EQ and it would be a swiss army knife!