Customer Reviews

  • Excellent!

    by DanielP
    The plugin is overall great and sounds great, but my favorite two things about it are the red saturation knob, which at the magical Neve setting of -20dB gives electric guitars the warm sound they need and removes any of their harshness, the other thing I love about this plugin is the gate, it's accurate and easy to dial. I highly recommend this plugin.
  • Dark, bigger than life

    by PaoloT
    I've had the pleasure to assist a mixing session with a perfectly restored 80-series a couple times, and once you have done it you can't forget that sense of electric, dark creaminess you get from the sound. The sound of this series is caramel. Put your source in, get out a swollen, creamier one.
    The TMT is very effective, creating a realistic space between instruments. Neve may have not liked it when he had done much more accurate designs, but this one continue to remain the sound of an era, and a timeless one.
  • Channel Strip estilo Neve

    by Carlos
    Me encanta este plugin, lo utilizo para procesar el bombo y la caja de mis mezclas, y jugando con la EQ, el compresor y THD consigo el tono perfecto. Muy recomendado para emparejarlo con otras emulaciones.
  • Mother of god...

    by Keating
    This plugin is amazing. This is one of the absolute best channel strips on the market. Being able to switch preamps and eq's, the smooth 2254 compressor and the ability to dirty up a signal with the line amp is awesome. This sounds great on pretty much anything.
  • Truly Beautiful

    by Paul
    I absolutely did not intend buying this - I really didn't need another channel strip plug in. But anyway, I thought I'd demo it regardless...
    I compared this on some mixes against some of my other channel strips and plugin chains - oh boy! The Lindell Audio 80 Series has a kind of warmth and richness to it which is really, truly beautiful and so obviously, at that point, I just had to buy it.
    Fantastic job Lindell Audio.
  • Excelente Lindell 80.

    by guillermopulos
    Este channel-strip tiene el mejor sonido que he escuchado por software. Es muy fácil de operar, y con extraordinarios pre, eq y comp. No he utilizado mucho el gate.
    MEJORA: La eq tiene tres bandas móviles. Me gustaría que la banda baja tuviera un switch peak/shelving.
    FALLA: lo utilicé en una caja de batería, con un output de -15dB. Al reproducir la canción, el primer golpe de batería suena SUPER fuerte, es como que estuviera durmiendo el plugin. Tuve que poner un golpe muy suave antes del primer golpe de la caja, para “despertar” el plugin.
  • Awesome

    by Chris
    I just started using this product but it's incredible, especially when using it on my VST Piano. It adds a shimmer on the upper register and makes it even sound more natural without loosing the fundament. Perfect to make it "sit" in the mix! Can't wait to use it in more projects!
  • Best Neve 1084 emulation.

    by Tee Mack
    I bought the Lindell 80 Series a few weeks ago and I must tell you this plugin sounds amazing. I use it while recording/tracking any source, whether it’s Vocals, Drums, Sends, you name it! The limited parameters on the Lindell 80 Series allows you to quickly dial in your settings and maintain focus on your production, Just as if I were using the hardware Neve 1073/1084. This beast has oversampling up to 16x, optional clipping, and much more under the hood, so I’d suggest to check the manual after purchasing.
    Tip: 1073(84 button off) for more Vintage sound
    1084(84 button on) for more Modern sound
  • Neve 80

    by FREDAR
    I just tested it and just took a slap. ..I have never tested the real console but this sound speaks to my memories, my heart and my guts. Tested for the moment only on rock we have grating in a velvet glove, testosterone full of delicacy. A slap I tell you
  • Lindell 80

    by kinAxis
    Warm and aggressive at times which is great for Rock, starting to get a feel for this classic, this one along with the SSL 9000J are very welcome additions to my arsenal...