Customer Reviews

  • Best channel strip ever?

    by Mirthfulmadness
    The convenience of channel strip plugins is obvious, but often it comes with a compromise. They're quick etc... but you might be able to do better, with stand alone plugins, but this one right here... this Lindell Chanell 80 plugin is just astoundingly good.
    I had been using the SSL and Neve ones a good amount, and while I like those ok, there is a sterile quality or something that I have never bonded with. I recently swapped out nearly all the uses of that with the 80 series on a project I'm working on... and it is such a nice quality it adds... almost, dare I say ... "organic" quality?
    I feel like it adds a very desirable quality to the tracks it's on and helps eliminate a bit of that digital harshness that is such a burden in this medium.
    Well done! I do wish there were more eq bands available, but that's only because it works so well. If they wanted to make a seperate EQ plugin based on the algorithms here, I'd be all for it.
  • Nice sounding plugin

    by Dim Waves
    Being a fan of the Scheps 73 I was very curious to try this one. It does not sound like it but I also like this one. It is great to have a compressor and a gate too. TMT is definitely noticeable, it is a flavour that goes well sometimes and it does not work at all sometimes, but you can take it off if you don't like it, which is good.
  • Outstanding For Specific Styles

    by Anton Doty
    As a primarily R&B/Rap to Folk/Classical engineer, I don't often get a lot of rock projects that come my way that would benefit from that classic Neve tone. Lo and behold one of my clients had a Grunge track they needed mixed, and my Focusrite SC and SSL 4000 weren't cutting it, so I tried out the 80 Series.
    Literally could not have asked for a better fit, from the screaming guitar tones to the gritty vocals and slamming drum parallel compression, this channel strip can literally do IT ALL for rock-y stuff. Thinking I'll start replacing the SSL on drums for more aggressive rap songs because the punch is absolutely bonkers on this thing.
    If you find it on sale and/or have a voucher, buy it immediately. Considering it's a 1084 and 1073 combined in one plugin it's worth the price in full, but also including the 2254 (which IMO is extremely underrated compared to the 33609) it's a deal you can't pass up.
  • Dream come true

    by Love At First Sound
    Love, love, LOVE this thing, 16x oversampling for both main unit and bus plugin. Before rendering a track, turn them all to 16x, hit the TMT, and the low-end bump of a Neve 80 series rivals any company's native version. I use it mainly as a 1073 pre running a little hot and vary the THD depending on material. The bus plugin sits on all sends, even if I'm using the SSL E or Focusrite on the main channel. Having the 2254 comp in there is great, but I don't use it in every instance. Guitar, bass, drums, vox, keys, synths, 808s/909s, dirty, clean, whatever, it's great. Gain or fade it down and use it as a preamp in front of your SSL or Focusrite (my preferred method). If you have both SSL and Focusrite, this is the another great color that no other company offers in a package like this. I copy/pasted the above response to someone on FB who asked if they should get it. I realized I hadn't put in a review for this yet. I would gladly do a commercial for this! I told the engineer of my band's last record about this and the Focusrite. I am a *huge* fan (gush gush). Great work Lindell, Brainworks and PA!
  • Awesome....!✌

    by Goldcoco
    I like the high...
    Very nice sweet and smooth.
    The low is very warm, Nice work
  • Invest in your sound.

    by Diarm
    What can I say, its a Neve emulation done supremely well. The first surprise I got was when using it on guitars. As you familiarise yourself with it you get to understand its musical qualities.
    The 80 series is joy.
  • The ONE to make an album with

    by Pucks
    Easy to use and fast in operation. This is the dream channel that instantly delivers. Big fat and bold.
    The EQ is powerful and begs to be used creatively because of the 'only' three available bands. Instead of cutting out a frequency you can choose to boost everything around it. This is where the fatness comes in.
    Make sure you explore the hidden functions as oversampling and clipping hardware emulation because they have a huge impact on sound quality.
    I create both (guitar) popmusic as EDM and to my opinion this is one of the best (if not THE best) console emulation for ITB use.
  • Lots of character

    by Naji
    If you want to add some unique character, Lindell S80 is a great choice, if you prefer to keep it clean, check out Console N, SSL G or Focusrite SC.
  • Best purchase in a while!

    by 18Below
    My goto plugin has been the CLA mixhub for that console feel, but this thing is my new fav. I've always preferred a Neve over SSL. Thank you for knocking it out of the park!
  • It sounds amazing

    by Geo
    It sounds amazing on vocals. First in my chain and makes your vocals sound so "expensive". If it is on sale I would immediately buy it again