Customer Reviews

  • YES!

    by Black Frost
    I am by no means a pro when it comes to mixing, but this thing makes my drums sound they way I always desired them to, no matter if programmed or real life. THE go to plug-in for snare sound, which I find most difficult to shape the way I need it to sound, thick and punchy, almost kind of creamy. Not anymore, Lindell does the trick.
    Plugin Alliance response
    No more shitty snares! Yeah! :-)
  • Channel Strip

    by Aliutura
    it's not worth the price. you can almost buy hardware
    Plugin Alliance response
    If you run into a 80 Series neve desk for $249 please let us know! I'd buy that unseen. :-)
  • Lindell 80

    by Ed
    A reluctant 5 stars rating only because the modules arent interchangeable. A gate after a compressor after eq???? Still it sounds amazing. Just hope Lindell will update the plug so I can move stuff around. Also would really like another mid band for the eq.
    I get that the board was setup a certain way, but it's not like you can put a board into a computer so we're already breaking rules.
  • 80 series

    by Alfredo
    Like all the Lindell products, it is so professional. The sound is the more real if you compare with any other console emulation. Without doubt you will miss a eq section more versatile, but... the tone is good and compensate that problem. The bad part is the eq section so limited, and that limited the use of this plugin. When you use this, do magic, but if you need others frequencies...
    5 stars, because the sound is very real, like a real hardware, even if the eq section is limited, the tone is outlayer. Really great sound.
  • Wow !!!!

    by Project Noire
    I guess it’s not much to say with this one.A greate plug-in.I love it and use it on every track
    Thank you .
  • 80 Series

    by Gavin Monaghan
    This Plug is a game changer!
    Finally someone gets the Neve sound spot on
    Amazing on drums and everything else you can throw at it!
  • Lindell 80 Series

    by KyleConfer
    This is by far my favorite plugin that I’ve ever used. I’ve been a UAD fanboy since I started mixing, but I recently bought the PA bundle, and I was mixing one of the last songs on the current project I’m working on, and I searched through my 100ish new plugins and saw this guy and gave it a shot. It ended up being the only plugin on every single channel on the mix, and that mix sounds better than any of the other 10 songs I did on this record before I got this plugin.
    I’m actually at a loss for words. The GUI is beautiful. TMT is awesome. The EQ is perfect. I went 1084 on pretty much everything. The compressor is wonderful. Didn’t use the gate for anything, so I can’t comment on that, but this plugin is capable of getting you where you want to go. Promise.
  • Amazing!

    by Demious
    I use to sum tracks a lot, before going to the main busses and Ive been using this plugin as the first on almost every track, before summing track, with an SSL E on the sum bus and then an 80 series bus channel on my main busses. This opened a whole new world of posibilities, its really amazing! This plugin really brings a good deal of 'spank' in the mix! Its actually a shame I cant use it on my girlfriend, I bet she would have loved it too. :P
  • Lindell Audio 80 Series

    by leslingle
    Just tried this on my mixing project today. The sound was nothing short of total sweetness and utilizing the TMT technology made the mix sound like it was up on the console. I am very impressed!
  • Lindell 80s

    by Fenderman
    I really like this strip, as I like all Lindell Plugins. They work for me for getting analog vibe into my mixes.
    I like: sound, 73/84 switch, modern features on the compressor like the continuous output, Nuke and Niveau, and the oversampling options.
    Dear Mr Lindell, please can you add the following features: Gate/Expander before Comp (it is not usuable for me this way) and Comp before EQ options!