Customer Reviews

  • Wow!

    by WTCook
    Just wow. Placed this on every track of a recent drum tracking session. Mentally treating it like a tracking stage since I didn’t commit eq or compression while tracking on headphones. This thing is sooooooo good. The drive is the best Neve saturation I’ve heard modeled. The EQ I think is better than the ua models and easier to dial in to me. I could not have achieved the same vibe or level of cohesion using individual plugins. And this is just day one using it. Thank you Lindell and Plug-in Alliance!
  • Nailed It!

    by riley
    I have used 1073/1084 style modeled plugins from Slate, UAD and Waves, and have used the real thing on a couple occasions. I can't say which one is the most like the real thing... but I like them all.
    I would not hesitate to say this one is my favorite among the plugins. Perfect balance between new features and classic sound. Having a compressor and gate included with the 1073/1084 style EQ is unexpected and really cool.
    Some other features that make it special compared to other virtual Neve style plugins:
    - Unity gain on the Preamp drive so you can get distortion without volume change (so good!)
    - Variable Oversampling rates
    - Resizable interface
    - External sidechain for compressor and gate
    - Compressor has a whole bunch of modern features to make it useful in many situations.
    - 30 channels of TMT
    Everything could be improved so here is a couple tiny caveat's :
    - I find choosing the frequency of the EQ bands a teeeeeny bit fiddly. But that is just the nature of the classic "dual knob" visual layout.
    - You can't reorder the modules (it's always Preamp, EQ, Compressor, Gate)
    - An option for look-ahead on the gate would have been a *extra* nice touch
  • 80 Series

    by Max
    I love the SSL and Neve EQ's from Brainworx and didn't think it could be much better. I was wrong. Just putting the 80 series on a channel makes difference. The sound is amazing. If I would just bought one of all EQ's from Plugin Alliance, it would be this.
  • Unbeleavebel

    by Ben
    By far the best console emulation out there! Never heard so much vibe in a Plugin!!!
    Used the 80 series together with the bx Focusrite on every channel and it is like mixing on the perfect analog console!!!!
  • Perfect!

    by Mchangani
    I was looking for a 1073 and this just gave me more than I imagined,1084 to be exact!! I love the tone it imparts on my signal be at vocals, drums, rhodes it gives me the results on all occasions. . .over sampling and resizing the GUI plus you can select soft clip or hard, if not then easily turn off the clipping option! The pre line gain and THD knobs give that 1073 flava Ive been missing in my arsenal, the compressor is really useful with features like NIveau/Nuke mix knob and side chain filter which I always engage to let the bottom end of my kick or bass do its thing! I cant say enough about the gate!! Thanks guys!!! my last loyalty voucher for this year was spent wisely!!! Lindell 80 is dope
  • Crazy good

    by Hebbe
    First thing I did was put it on a recorded vocal and it just did everything i needed it to do, while i normally have to use 6 more plugins. I almost wanted to buy the UAD Neve 73 but this one sounds better and has waaayy more to offer. The drive knob is magic just like on all the other console emulations PA offers. This is my new sound!
  • Spot on Brill!

    by patrik jay
    I have recorded with several of these real Neve pieces in my time and this 80 Series is a dead spot on emulation.
    This nailz the 73 Pre better than my UAD version because it's just more real & vibrant sounding. The 84 EQ is so creamy.
    This may be the best electric guitar channel plug of all time
    This console emu is so good I think my ears just popped champagne:)
    I think I can speak for all of us... Thank you Dirk and Team P.A. for all of these great plugins, we appreciate it!
  • The legend is back in the box

    by Produce_in_the_box_fr
    I dreamed about it, brainworx did it !!
    I will replace or complete my template totally oriented Neve in to work in the box!
    and it's Christmas before time !!!
    this plugin associated with the new audio engine of the indutrie with its TMT technology, as well as the new processor for the works in the box, is just a blessing. This is the kind of tool that really makes the difference ! Exellent and congratulations to the whole team !!
    Donat Louisin from Produce in the
    Plugin Alliance response
    Actually, this plugin was not made by BX, but by Lindell! But we are happy that you like it. Enjoy!
  • great virtual desk

    by Finck von Finckenstein
    got it today, tried it on drums, vocals, and guitars, compared it to some other neve emulations and must say: just great. it is silky and smooth and punchy and aggressive where needed. it's different from the SSLs by brainworx, I like it a lot. another valuable addition to my set of virtual TMT desks.