Customer Reviews

  • nice sound, (best in class) bit buggy

    by diossyakos
    Very dimensional, big sound, nice features, excellent bus module. Definitely worth buying (to my surprise, I must admit, I thought SSL E would be enough for a sceptic like myself, but this one shines on acoustic sources as well, who would have thought?) Very buggy in Digital Performer, gives weird noises, fullscale pink noise like bursts, and crashes the DAW sometimes in every 5 minutes. Reported to Tech Support two times this far but still no dice
  • My go to channel strip

    by Maikol
    This is the channel strip that definitely convinced me that I could do without my beloved Harrison analog console. It's not the EQ, or the compressor, they are excellent, but it's not what convinced me; what convinced me is how easy it allows me to get that 3D, large and deep yet solid and stable stereo field that I've always been after in my humble mixing engineer career. That mix of big, with great separation AND glued together sound is what we loved in large format analog consoles (especially Neve 80 series), and now there it is, available to all of us. Thanks Lindell and Plugin Alliance for helping me achieving my goals while also being (a bit) more friendly to the environment (I mean, that Harrison Series 12 was a sucker for electricity !!!).
  • Lindell 80 Series

    by Curtis Mayfield III
    I'm a long time bx_console E guy. I downloaded the Lindell 80 series to hear what all the fuss was about. I dropped it on my kick and snare. It took me a few seconds to dial in the EQ and instant detail. Warmth and detail. An incredibly musical plugin when you add the compression and additional features.
    I highly recommend it!
    Producer / Mix Engineer
    Aiconic Music
  • Perfect for voice over

    by CC
    This plugin is a perfect workhorse for prof. voice over. A mild compression with ratio 2:1, a GR of max. -2dB, attack set to "fast" a release time with 100ms and TMT set to 3 are my prefered settings. Even without using the EQ, it adds my male voice a crisp character without sounding too harsh. I don't own Neve hardware, but the sound of this plugin has a similiar character as my Golden Age Project Premier PRE-73 (a Neve preamp clone).
  • Difference between Success & Failure!!

    by CLOUDBOY3020
    I am too Motivated & Inspired to remain in Shock!! It would now be IMPOSSIBLE to bury a vocal in a Mix.
    This Plug in is FIRE!!! I Swear it feels & SOUNDS like
    I'm coming out of the Actual Console!! HOW? IT'S ASTONISHING!! A GOD SEND!! NOW I CAN FINISH RECORDING THE GREATEST SONGS I'VE EVER WRITTEN WITH COMPLETE, um uhh sorry I gotta get back to recording , I LOVE THIS!! I NEEDED THIS!! THANK U!!!!!!
  • This One's The Real Deal

    by Andrew
    Let's get something straight. This is not a 1073, in the same way Serum is not a Minimoog. But the chances are if you actually think this is going to replace a 1073, you probably shouldn't buy one anyway.
    This plug-in is absolutely crisp. Perfect utility to bring out your mids with clarity and add highs without harshness. The drive is so great and the utility option where it scales the gain for you automatically. Ahh I love it!!
    My only problem is the UI can be a bit annoying, sometimes you have to click around a bit to hit what you want, like the register zone is not so obvious.
  • YES!

    by Black Frost
    I am by no means a pro when it comes to mixing, but this thing makes my drums sound they way I always desired them to, no matter if programmed or real life. THE go to plug-in for snare sound, which I find most difficult to shape the way I need it to sound, thick and punchy, almost kind of creamy. Not anymore, Lindell does the trick.
    Plugin Alliance response
    No more shitty snares! Yeah! :-)
  • Channel Strip

    by PA-Lover
    it's not worth the price. you can almost buy hardware
    Plugin Alliance response
    If you run into a 80 Series neve desk for $249 please let us know! I'd buy that unseen. :-)
  • Lindell 80

    by Ed
    A reluctant 5 stars rating only because the modules arent interchangeable. A gate after a compressor after eq???? Still it sounds amazing. Just hope Lindell will update the plug so I can move stuff around. Also would really like another mid band for the eq.
    I get that the board was setup a certain way, but it's not like you can put a board into a computer so we're already breaking rules.
  • 80 series

    by element4audio
    Like all the Lindell products, it is so professional. The sound is the more real if you compare with any other console emulation. Without doubt you will miss a eq section more versatile, but... the tone is good and compensate that problem. The bad part is the eq section so limited, and that limited the use of this plugin. When you use this, do magic, but if you need others frequencies...
    5 stars, because the sound is very real, like a real hardware, even if the eq section is limited, the tone is outlayer. Really great sound.