Customer Reviews

  • EQ4 by Maag helps me..

    by SharpArrow
    Any tool that can help me improve mixes, and even masters, is a worthy tool. I have a lot of plugins and I am already reaching for it a lot. I like the little extras also, like the gain control. I own really a lot of eq and it am still glad I bought this, which is on a great sale right now at $69!
  • A++

    by Mr. Chiboiborn
    Love the top end of this plugin to give vocals a nice sheen without the harness of boosting. This has now become my go to EQ when I need something that can polish of the tone I looking for.
  • EQ4 Maag

    by Quynx
    So glad I finally got it, so smooth sounding!!!
  • Maag EQ

    by whippinpost91850
    This plug in works awesome. It gives me the right amount of control and "Air"
  • Fantastic for vocals

    by Emi_S
    The Maag is all I expected and more. It's great especially for vocals. The Air band is pure magic. The other bands in the plugin are also great. But if I have to use only one...
  • Maag

    by Tommy
    Class A plug in. Cant imagine a plug in replace the Hardware
  • Go to EQ

    by THIS
    Whenever I need that magic sparkle to a sound whether it’s a vocal or an instrument that needs a little polish, the Maag EQ4 is the first thing I try.
  • Mäag Magic

    by Tim
    Its probably all been said about this plugin - the serious air it imparts, the simple yet powerful bands it controls. Very effective with little tweaking. Would probably prefer a bigger GUI but the sound is the thing.
  • Super

    by PAT
    Rajoute la clarté de la voie qu on a besoin dans un mix et améliore la réverbération.
  • Incredible

    by DCJ
    This EQ has found its way into all of my mixing sessions! It’s wild how good it sounds!