Customer Reviews


    by TS
    This is by far THE BEST EQ I've used in a while. I can put it on everything in my mix and it immediately gives me what I'm looking for.
  • MäagEQ4

    by MetroPaulitan
    Oh my, I have become absolutely addicted to this EQ. I have found almost NOTHING that this piece doesn't work on. This is the special sauce for drums and bass
  • MAAGic EQ

    by Cyrille Boucanogh
    It's the real MAAGic! It actually does the job of a hi-end preamp, but even better. It fills the sound with energy, warmth, body, life, air. It puts vocals right in-yo-face, closer to the listener instantly without having to kill the transients with compression. It opens the hidden details in the highs I would never dig out with any other EQ. I use it on almost every track - from vocals to the whole mix. There's no other EQ that can replace it. MAAG EQ4 is the most musical EQ ever made. You can't make your source track worse using it in a wrong way like it happens with some other plugins. You simply get a different color, but better than before. It's so intuitively simple to control. Even a child can mix with it. I'm so grateful to MAAG Audio that they did their best to translate all the beauties of the real thing to the plugin. This little blue thing makes me a better mixer. Thanx MAAG Audio!
  • Mäag 4

    by PMT Studio
    Just simple musical low latency eq that can be used on a bus or track or master, nice going !
  • Mäag EQ4 fail

    by S.S.
    Though this EQ plugin might be useful for some applications, I've found that it's too stark for each of the tracks I've tried to use it on. I tested it A/B with Waves F6 and iZotope Neutron EQ. Both of these other EQs can provide the same "air" and other standard equalization, but without the pumping and harshness I got using the EQ4.
  • EQ4

    by Candeloro
  • Maag audio EQ4

    by TTLangen
    This one is already a classic. I have owned both hardware versions of this unit and this plugin is almost identical how it interacts with different frequencies. It has that same body in the sub frequencies and the air is just golden.
    My mastering work is known for it’s huge controlled sub sounds and over the top clarity and this has been one of the secret plugins I’ve used. Exceptional power house eq!

    by Esteban Vargas
    Me encanta usar este ecualizador en el mixbuss, es grandioso !!! compré el EQ2&EQ4, definitvamente, no cambiaría este ecualizador por nada, lo adoro !!!
  • EQ4

    by Alfredo
    Simple and good, open and pristine sound. It is incredible natural sound, and very easy to use, the sweet point appear in some seconds. It is almost a plug and play EQ, even if you don´t know about frequencies or ingeneers knowlege, maybe you will find that this EQ is one of the more easy to use from the market, and the sound is outlayer, great sound!
  • Just as good as expectations dictate

    by Daedalus
    A joy to use. Stepped controls might seem limiting at first but it's rather the opposite: they help you hone in on the sound you're after faster. At least for me. The sub is great to use on a Kick, same with the 2.5KHz band (brings out that nice punch).