Customer Reviews

  • MAAG EQ4

    by Joerg
    That's a great and simple to use EQ, especially when it comes to some LowEnd or Air when needed. I used it on Vocals and Electric Guitars, also on KickDrum. 1 to 2db already have a huge impact. Wouldn't wanna miss it!
  • It's awsome

    by sul chung
    I love it
  • Maag The Genius

    by DMGJ
    Wonderful for brightening up a vocal performance and opening high and low frequencies of an entire mix. It can easily be used on every instrument in the mix for a little bit of magic.
  • Maag4

    by heimkindRecords
    don´t know the hardware, but this one is a great help on making good mixes even better!
  • Maag EQ4

    by Summer Spiders
    My vocal eq spirit animal
  • EQ4

    by Rski
    This plug in has been with me for several years, it's versatile, at taming a bass heavy track, perhaps a close miked electric guitar or a near miked vocal track, you can trim the bottom end with precision, to retain a warmth and air ,,, very cool
  • Maagnifique

    by J
    This is real nice for getting that open airy sound not to coloured and not clinical either, great on synths and stings but anything could benefit from this
  • Magg!!!

    by Ausil
    I love it!
    This is very smooth and clean EQ!
    I used to vocal and snare drum.
    Especially, air EQ is very clean and fresh sound~!
  • Punch!

    by Mchangani
    All I can say is try the demo and see if you can leave without it! it works well on vocals/drums/master-chain... well on everything!
  • well done!

    by cosimino
    Simple and functional. AIR Band is fantastic!