Customer Reviews

  • Well done

    by Kell
    What an amazing tool!
    I was really surprised what it does on the mix bus. Immediately, things come together in pleasing way and it is easy to dial in the desired sound I'm looking for – very versatile. +++1
  • amazing

    by foxy grandpa
    so i have to admit i am a bit of compressor collector. i love trying out different ones and seeing how they mold my sound. there are a few that have been my "go-to" throughout the years but this one just jumped to the top of the list. so much actually, that i had to write a review lol. it's extremely smooth! i use the medium loudness preset with marginal tweaks and right away it takes my record to a new level. gives it a thick, very polished, "commercial" feel. highly recommend, and at $30 it's an absolute no-brainer!
  • The last 10%

    by Alan Brucke
    This compressor took my test song to the next level. It’s a great way to get clean loudness. You can squeeze a couple more LUFS out of a master with ease. And it makes everything sound more alive. It gave my test song movement and energy. Really fantastic tool, it is now indispensable for me.
  • Top Compressor

    by MiamiDude
    Great for mastering with tone, punch, and that 3D sound! Very versatile!
  • COMP and Overall rating

    by Shunaiman
    The compressor makes precise approximations work like magic.
    I express special respect to the Native Instruments and Alliance team for their subtle sense of everything.
    Special respect for your decency. HATs off =)
  • I love it on almost every mix

    by Momo
    I had been recommended this plugin for a while and then decided to buy it.
    It really makes your mix sound more "professional" and "Glued together". At least most of the times. Depends on your mix. It is not a magic plugin but used correctly in can make your mix a whole lot better (and on many occasions fantastic) with just a view clicks.
    The only thing I don't like is the user interface. It's a bit convoluted because they tried to make it look exactly like the hardware version. After a while you get used to it but it's not optimal.
    I would totally recommend at least giving it a try. I don't think you're going to be disappointed:
  • Absolutely SMACKS!

    by Ed Brandon
    The character of this compressor is so unique. It gets my mixes to "smack" like no other. When dialed in, it really reinforces the tempo of the song, and accentuates the groove of drums in a mix in a way that makes you bob your head. This is the one for me.
  • the winner...

    by Synthitize
    One day I took the time to test all the compressors I had and demos too, and the result is that, far ahead, for me this shadows hill plug-in is the best! With more possibilities than a normal compressor, the result is clear...
  • My favorite compressor

    by d.r.
    My absolute favorite compressor for mixing and mastering... a real sound machine.
  • Best Compressor

    by 006Exorcist
    I had the full rental bundle for 2 years. This is the plugin I used every time on every track. I have no replacement for it, the SSL bus comp is close but has no color options, and Dyn-1 from Leapwing is close but requires a lot of effort to dial in the bands. This is perfect. Thanks!