Customer Reviews

  • Shadowhill the red one

    by Peter FROG
    I was already impressed by the classic green one. This one is even better, full of analog mojo. The best comp i've ever tried for mastering, but also so efficient on the drumbus that it has replaced my api 2500 ! No use pushing it too much : just a little db réduction for both optical and discrete, for a wonderful résultat.
  • A+

    by Brougkr
    Best mastering compressor I have used to date. Sounds amazing no matter what you throw at it. Love to use the additional modes such as M/S, parallel, and monomaker on all of my work.
  • Beautiful mastering compressor

    by Alex D
    This compressor sounds stellar. Just a dB of GR on both compressors and you find yourself uttering words like 'weight' and 'class'. 'Expensive' would also be a word that comes to mind : )
    Amazing compressor.
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thank you. What is missing for a 5th star then, please?
  • High End Compressor

    by S.Almesfer
    Best mastering plugin. So far this is the best mastering plugin i have used i tried the yellow version before and this one is special big fat .
  • Clarity & Analog

    by Goldenchild / WM
    This compressor is "it" look no further. The original Master Compressor was "it" also but this one just takes it to another level. The amount of clarity you getting, saturation & depth is next level WOW...... It gives a certain polish to any sound source. Plugin Alliance / Brainworx once again thank you for those awesome tools.
  • Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor Class A

    by donjuanismo
    EXCELLENT mastering compressor, featuring unique one of a kind features, Discrete Gain, Discrete Ratio, that are NOT on any other plugin or limiter.
    Beautiful interface, that is easy to learn.
    I have slate FX-G and Waves L2/L3 limiters for mastering, but neither allow the flexibility on the Threshold and Gain, plus M/S, and even Stereo-imaging, and Frequency controlled MONO HighPass. But FX-G does have an essential transient dynamics feature that I wish were in this plugin.
    * NOTE: Developers, could you please cosider adding additional features, that Slate FX-G has for retaining dynamics?
    It would be the ultimate best mastering compressor without comparison!
    customers will be willing to pay an additional fee to upgrade extra features.
  • Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor Class A

    by Tonvater Hahn
    A little goes a long way...
    I have to say, that i am really impressed with this plug in.
    By just adding 0.5-1dB of compression in the Optical section and 1-2 dB in the Discrete section, it adds glue and a wonderful depth to the mix, i can not achieve with any other plug in.
    The three output transformers sound great and are shaping the sound quite drastically.
    In fact, on my mix bus, this one plug ins replaces a chain of tape simulation, transformer and two compressors.
    In the very first moment i was a little bit overwhelmed by the GUI, the amount of knobs and switches...but within 10 minutes it felt comfortable with the layout.
    The added features - Headroom & M/S function, Monomaker, etc. are priceless.
    But first and foremost, the sound of this plug in is fantastic!
  • The Wow Version!

    by Alex Picciafuochi
    This Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor Class A makes you exclaim "Wow!" every time you use it instead of the previous model
  • Mojo. Warmth. Depth.

    by Daniel
    I don´t know what it really does, but it does what I was looking for a long Time. Mojo. Warmth. Depth! Simply beautiful. Those very musical Dynamics are attended by something that I heard lastly from my Hardware Setup in the 90s.
    Used on Drums I immediately feel like taking a Sample while SHMCA breathes Life and Elegance into my Synth Pads. Punchy Transients. Drums sound consiatant. Musical Sum-Compression. Elegant Dynamic Taming.
    I listened closely before I bought it. Via AKG 501 Headphones. I´ve heard lots of musical Dynamics, "oscillating Waves", Colorization, Warmth, Depth and gentle Presence, the Sound i. m. O. gets "lifted upwards" a little Bit (most important) and the Room-Impression gets improved. It sounds "expensive". It is difficult to describe. You should better test it yourself.
    Harmonizes very well with Console SSL E in my Opinion!
  • Insane!

    by Grzegorz Porowiński
    This is absolutely amazing compressor! I have no words how good it is for me!