Customer Reviews

  • what a thrill!

    by dirtnoise
    This is great on my synths when tweaking it with the FM modulation,I can create really interesting degraded sounds, or bring up something degraded to sound much cleaner.
  • Amazing Fx Plugin

    by Jithendra
    Writing this review within an hour of buying it, this is simply the most exciting creative fx plugin I have used in a long time. It brings immediate flavor, color, and interesting elements into the mix.

    by Kris
    Very unusual and creative effect .
  • Great creative effect!

    by Michael.K
    Another brilliant effect from unfiltered audio!
    very creative and great sound and modulation section...
    can be usefull in any tool kit and genere i think.
    a must for those who search for original inovative high end sounddesign tools...
  • Fault

    by UB
    Great tool!
    I Use in wet/dry signal with bass, lead, atmospheric sound and percussive elements. Very flexible.
  • Add that motion!

    by Ta
    My secret sauce for drums.
    Fault will wreck just about any sound and thats a good thing.
    Long live Unfiltered Audio!
  • another secret weapon

    by stringtheory
    this is another Unfiltered/Plugin Alliance effect that finds itself in my live guitar chain a lot. i love how in the middle of a solo i can switch it on and suddenly everything becomes warped and distorted and wacky! and in small amounts, it adds a wonderful bit of strangeness to the texture, i love to use such an extreme effect in a subtle way.
  • Unique, well integrated set of functions

    by riley
    This plugin features an interesting set of parameters that you might not think make sense together, but really do. As always with Unfiltered Audio, the layout and design are awesome and feel ergonomic and really well thought out.
    I've been finding a lot of uses for this plugin.... pitch shifting, delay, chorus/flanger style effects, stereo-ization, sound mangling. Once you start to understand the flow of the interface it's a fast and fun tool to give tracks a little extra something.
    I wish Unfiltered Audio gave us an external side-chain input as a modulation source with more of their plugins. It's not included in this one, and I think it'd be really cool here. Maybe in a future update.
  • Fault

    by Bd lieutenant
    you can go really deep or lite manipulation, and its sound quality is apparent, a very infectious plug. a myriad of options, means spending time, bt the results, I believe r definitely worth the investment, surprisingly good, ie pitch shifting harmonies.... gorgeous.
    I overlooked, ignored fault, bt a discount code, sales, P.A, Unfiltered Audio... many thks for this 'happy accident'
  • Thank you!

    by GregB
    Loving all of the Unfiltered Audio plugins I've bought. Started out using them on Virtual Synths to get crazier, deeper and more unique sounds, but I've been having even more fun lately experimenting with them on vocals and guitars to create new textures and sounds.