Customer Reviews

  • Wouu

    by XDØSE
    Es increíble , si lo que estas buscando es algo que te sorprenda una y otra vez a la hora de insertarlo en alguna pista de audio o midi con algún instrumento virtual.
    Genera nuevos sonidos y aporta nuevos caracteres tonales de la nada , eso si hay que tener cuidado pues puede que tu sonido con este efecto según de la manera en la que lo configures tenga algún que otro tipo de cancelación de fase que si lo sabes integrar en la mezcla ningún problema, podrá aportarle buenas vibras.
  • Get it.

    by Thal Dravv
    This thing is sick. From simple to ultra modern fx style production with ease.
    Manipulation of sound is very intuitive and fun.
    Finally you can obtain unique sounds, fast and without a big chain of fx.
  • Fault

    by Spinncontrol
    I started messing with this on a kick drum..and I have to say I really like this product. I use to have an ARP 2600 that I would use patch cords to program & this Fault unit brings back old memories & missed flexibility...
    Spinncontrol Productions
  • Fault

    by Dear DR
    I really enjoy the sound of fault with it’s smooth performance and lots of depth , I like the 3 different
    Sections to shape sounds and do lush harmonies. Of course we can’t forget about unfiltered audios modulation section the 4th in this case where you can patch parameters ( if your brave enough)
    all over the place
  • Emergent properties

    by Levendis
    Hard to anticipate the effect of this effect, especially with its feedback matrix and FM path. Step-by-step repitching of sound may come as expected. Within a single parameter adjustment, however, inclusion of some modulation and the feedback routing can conjure amazing emergent properties.
    Best to think of this plugin for timbre shaping, rather than a tool for tuning.
  • Crazy cool plugin

    by SongsByGROVER
    This makes loads of wild sounds. If you have a boring sound, run it through this and flick through presets to get something new and fresh. Then blend with wet/dry if you want subtle.
    My favourite setting so far is for sitting acoustic guitars in electronic music songs... using mid-side mode and pitching the sides down an octave to get an effected and interesting acoustic guitar sound, then adding some of the glitchy delay and stuff. EDM tastic.
  • playtime

    by moodZoo
    I don't know what it is, but mah lawd it's fun to play with!!
  • Fault

    by J
    Top plugin for sonic butchery or even for more subtle work if you can restrain your self enough that is.
    Not the best tool for more moderate tweekage, a bit to complex for speedy work (too distracting mostly) but awesome for sonic carnage finding new inspiration via completely reinventing a sound.
    I thing the more time spent getting to know this beast the more useful becomes.
    I love mod' options on anything, good stuff
  • Creative tool

    by mr_glitch
    Anything I have used from Unfiltered Audio is unique, powerful and versatile. Fault is no exception. It offers many ways to manipulate sound, anything from acoustic guitars to electronic instruments in my mixes have benefited from it. It is a tool to create and explore, lots of fun.
  • Out of this world

    by CadErik
    Ok so first thing, this plugin comes with patches from Richard Device, Crystal Method, these are not your grandma presets. This plugin can bring modulation/destruction out of this world. I haven't heard anything like it, this one can let you combine bit crushing, feedback and all with complex modulation.