Customer Reviews

  • Fault

    by Chris Bernhardt
    Is jus as good as subscribt - a view thing don't need no words
  • amazing plugin!

    by Lorenzo Clandestino - DJ/Producer
    amazing plugin! Creative, crazy a great new tool in my arsenal !
  • Fantastic

    by GuitarHead
    This is one of the most creative and amazing delays for guitar and vocal widening or adding depth or created a texture all of your own. The interface looked intimidating at first but once you dive in its really simple to use and is amazing sounding on anything you pass through it.
  • It's good indeed

    by Nick
    This Plugin is a reasonable extension to my array. It's as if my external synths tweakability doesn't end after its audio being recorded to the DAW.
    This is a serious sound design tool. I really like it.
  • Fault

    by Musician B.
    Amazing Plugin!! Must have!
  • so good!

    by Nimrod7
    Stunning, creative, amazing plugins! Ended up buying anything from unfiltered audio within a month!
  • Awesome creative tool

    by Metaside
    This frequency shifter covers a lot of bases from soft widening to hard frequency modulations and is especially useful for tempo-synced modulated sound shaping for all kinds of electronic music as well for various applications in sample and sound design.
    I am still impressed by its flexibility, including the modulation and cross-modulation options, and I have already been using it on quite a few synthesizer tracks to add delays, width, completely shifted parallel tracks and soft to hard sound modulations. It sounds very good, the modulation is flawless and its flexibility allows me to do a lot of specific tasks quickly.
    Some more presets would be great, since the tool offers so many options, but the ones included are useful and new ones are easy to build.
  • Wowzers

    by Mdjagg
    I usually take the time to go into detail about why I like a plugin, but this one, is crazy. Just buy it, you will certainly need it.
  • Are you crazy?

    by C. Decker
    This thing … ooh … it makes me … I can’t talk … I need … need to twist knobs … now!