Customer Reviews

  • No Fault to buy it!

    by manick
    I hesitated to buy this plugin because I thought it would be more like a gadget for strange effects. Well, it can do strange things, but since I own it, I especially like it because it also does subtle and very nice things - like for example adding lively harmonies to a monophonic synth track - very well.
    So it's much more useful than it may appear at the first glance - check it out!
  • Supreme

    by JTM
    Incredible tool for creative Sound Design! Like all Unfiltered Audio products, the modulation capabilities are superb and designed in way to encourage experimentation and exploration. Fantastic purchase!
  • Fault

    by Haza Hazard
    This is not my first Unfiltered Audio buy and definatly won't be my last, as I have grown a addiction to transforming my songs with your products.
    Fault is just excellent, not only a pitch shifter, not only warp, not only delay, but all of that and tons more.
    I've only got round a touch of it's possibilities and I'm going to love exploring more!
    Keep up the good work.
    Haza Hazard Fault and more demo:
  • Unfiltered Audio

    by Gtr-Man
    This is a superb plugin, the pitch shifter is able to create a different harmony to the left & right, with the use of the mix dial u can blend the original signal with the Harmonies. Without a doubt, this is my favourite Pitch Shifter & the modulation is the icing.
  • Fault

    by timirjan@yandex
    Quite the cheese!!!
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thanks. Have a wine with the cheese! :-)
  • Fantastic plugin

    by krys
    You can messing around for hours with this plugin.
    It sounds great.
  • Creative plugin

    by Tim
    In a world of same plugins all doing basically the same thing, it's great to see a fantastically creative plugin like this one that can really do something different with the audio. It can do subtle and it can also really destroy incoming audio. The modulation available is awesome.
  • Unfiltered Audio Fault

    by KAEY
    Great delay plugin! Different from all others in the market. I use it to spark new ideas. Thumbs up from me.
  • Fault is the biz

    by neilmac
    Wow i purchased this amazing plugin and havent stopped using it! I immediately chose a chorusy preset for a plain Rhodes sound and it was transformed and alive in the mix- great presets and formidable pitch manip. highly recommend this highly creative tool
  • Fault

    by j tayo
    This plug is crazy, i have just spent hours playing with Fault its deep and complex but quite easy to find something interesting and unheard before .a must have just like all unfiltered products on the money !