Customer Reviews

  • Excellent

    by Bob
    I'm convinced the VSC-2 is one of the best software compressors I've ever used. It compares quite favorably against many of my UAD comps, which surprised me a little. Brilliant for bus compression and drums, but it pretty much works on everything.
  • Great VCA Comp

    by Alex Picciafuochi
    When it's time to throw precision punches, Vertigo is your boxer!
  • It's awsome

    by sul chung
    I love it
  • Versatile tool

    by Carambo
    Extremely useful in any situation, one of the best compressor in the market, will always sound good on any track or bus.
  • Vertigo VSC2

    by Drew Puzia
    This is the musical sounding and versatile compressor I have used period! I have almost every major release plugin out there and this one is my go to compressor for mixing. You draw color or transparency from it with the ease I never encountered before. Great job BX you knocked it out of the park!
  • VSC-2

    by Mood44
    Very Versatile Compressor, I can use it on any source in any situation with great results.
    It comes with some good presets.
    My go to compressor.
  • Mixbus

    by Control Freak
    I wanted this plugin for quite a while after testing it and I have to say I am never disappointed with it. It has a very modern sound. It lives on my mixbus and I have yet to find a situation where it doesn't work. It is clean yet adds a distinguishable character to everything that goes through it that is best described as open. It manages to glue a mix while also making everything sound like it fits and has it's own space. I own many compressors but this one is the only one in the chain that always remains. Must have.
  • Vertigo VSC 2

    by PAPA WIZ
  • VSC-2

    by Mike
    Very nice compressor. Up there with the best for sure. Very Versatille.
  • Clean with a lot of character

    by GN
    Such an easy to set compressor , so smooth and clean sound perfect for the mix bus or any of the other buses. Another great product, can fit many genres and work in most situations when a bus compressor is what we want for mixing and mastering purposes,