Customer Reviews

  • Gamechanger.

    by EILIV
    Just got this, and I’ve put this everywhere since. It delivers everything from discrete and smooth compression to massive punch. It has this clear and glassy, yet warm sound that feels very high end. Very versitile and easy to dial in. Seems like I won’t use my 2500 and G-bus compressors again anytime soon..!
  • Extremely snappy and clean

    by PaoloT
    This is the compressor you want to use when you want everything to be neat, clean, classy. It's modern and with not a hint of vintage. It has something of the API sound, but without the dirt.
    After all these years it is still one of the best mastering compressors. It is a shame that the user interface is so small, and I usually resort to using it (in Logic) with the parameters shown as text, instead of using the minuscule visual controls. Maybe a redesign can be done? It is so beautiful, that is a shame to let it suffer on modern displays.
  • True Classic

    by Glenn Loopez
    really good compressor. amazing on drums, but very useful on plenty of material. A true classic high quality vst
  • VSC-2

    by Trevor Weber
    This compressor is one of my all time favorites. Often I use Izotope RX to render my waveforms. I like to see the results and save CPU on my tracks. When other compressors don't quite get me there, this one does every time. The settings almost always translate to exactly what I expected. Saves time and it's simple to use. I love it.
  • Incredible amount of punch

    by B. van kaa
    Love it on a snare, Incredible on de parallel smash buss. It brings tone and character of the instruments to live.
  • The smoothest mix buss compressor I know

    by Nutrino
    Funny you call this the Merc of VCAs because it "feels" like a Merc. The weight and clarity of this compressor is something that I cannot find anywhere else. Desert island and I have to mix with just two plugins, this would be my compressor of choice, no looking back.
  • Vcs 2

    by Ger
    Increíble, uno de los mejores plugins que hay!
  • Top Notch In Combo WITH

    by Rev
    Top notch sound for plucks and transient character warmth addition with clarity when used with Twin Com Millenia TCL-2 (use VSC-2 with TCL-2 on Synthbus or your favorite instrument bus) and the brainwerx Opto compressor on Mastery Chain.
    It doesn't have too much analog hissing sounds nor does it give extra garbage with EQ knobs to extraneously color your sound in a destructive way.
    It provides just enough needed clarity, warmth, and elegant character without shifting your mix into the garbage can. Not all compressors are equal, no matter how you tweak the garbage ones.
    I just wish there was a side chain option for the BX Opto, TCL, and the VSC-2. I have to add a Fab Filter C2 with extremely light settings to get the side chain effect when tied to the Kick.
    But if you are looking for clarity, natural warmth, no over the top annoying hissing sounds from Lindell or SSL, use the combo I just mentioned. Use VSC-2
  • Incredible compressor

    by SLoehnis
    This compressor is insanely versatile. Pretty much whenever I need a compressor on any source (perhaps apart from drum close mics, for which I use the SSL 4000E plugin, which is also fantastic), I reach for this plugin. I love using it on the master bus, and it helps bring out loads of punch and cymbal definition if I put an instance of it on the drum kit. The sidechain HPF is also very useful.
  • On every bus

    by Maarten
    I used to throw an SSL emulation on my busses, until I found this baby. Not sure how to describe it, its like I do notice the comoression, but Im not really hearing the compressor anymore.