Customer Reviews

  • vsm-3

    by synesthetic
    Damn I love this thing. After testing a ton of saturation plugins I got this. Nuff said.
    Wait, on a 4k screen you will need magnifying glasses. I really hope this will be enhanced. But listen to this thing!
  • Ultimate M/S Saturation

    by Ben Collier
    Perfect for adding subtle width and warmth to mixes and helps orchestral material from collapsing/vanishing into mud when summed to mono, you'll be using it on everything!
  • VSM-3

    by George
    Iv'e been using the VSM-3 for about 6 months now and it is one of the most musical and versatile plugin of its kind.
    I can, and do, put this on every group buss in Nuendo. By adding as little as 10% of the 2nd or 3rd generators It makes the mix really come together. Talk about Glue!

    One of the best plug-in to make production sound like pro, for all producers its must have !
    Check demo and take your sound to hi-level!
  • Saturation

    by dsi
    After the purchase I use it on all my mixes. It works great on mix buss and its capable to resurrect dead instruments.
  • Its

    by VSM
    a perfect gear!
  • VSM-3 Review

    by Eviltapes
    This plugin is amazing. Made me want to sell my mother into slavery for the hardware. Best money spent on a plugin.
  • VSM3

    by Maffiablue
    This plug in is awesome. It's essential for drums and basses
  • Presence

    by Ted Brennan
    One of the best tool to add presence. Makes mixing easier.
  • Vertigo vsm-3

    by David Steffens
    Great on 808's, cutting through the mix and will completely open up and add depth on the mix bus. I use it more than once on every song I produce.