Mixed with MEGA

What is 'Mixed with MEGA'?

At Plugin Alliance we're all about helping you learn, expand, and have fun. For this reason, we have created Mixed with MEGA, which showcases 100% professional producers & engineers, giving you direct insight into their sessions and thought processes.

How close can you get your mix to the original mix?

With every Mixed with MEGA Session we will supply you with exclusive audio material and Original Mix Sessions which you can download to practice your mixing & mastering with. An important thing to note is that these sessions make use of 'MEGA Bundle' only plugins. Therefore one of the main advantages of having the MEGA Bundle is that you'll be able to copy chains, settings, etc. of the plugins in your sessions!

  1. Listen to the original mix of the producer (Stereo Wave or MP3)
  2. Download the original raw files and stems – then YOU can mix them in your studio
  3. Listen to and check the final mix sessions, once we release them