Customer Reviews

  • Great Tool

    by Deniose
    Perhaps the best comparison tool right now in the market with a comprehensive set of measuring tools. There is still some small room for improvement though: keyboard shortcuts for switching versions / source and no-lag switching between versions.
  • For me it was a gamechanger

    by Heiko_M
    This plugin totally changed my mixing approach from blind trial and error to laser-sharp analysis and then adapt. The only thing, that I really would love to see in a future update:
    PLEASE GIVE US FULLSCREEN MODE, so I can permanently park Metric AB on a dedicated monitor! :)
  • Excellent comparison plugin

    by Andres N
    This is an excellent comparison plugin with modern loudness metering. There is nothing like it out there. There are some design choices that I don't like though, and I think could be improved: Spectrum holds peaks currently only up to 5 seconds. Changing graph type changes it in all the analyses mode together. Hovering your mouse over spectrum analyser does not give exact frequency.
  • Indispensable

    by JC
    Without this new and excellent plugin I would have been lost making fast, temporary (or even permanent) masters of songs all from the same project for clients. Placing MetricAB as the last plugin in the mastering chain and then being able to import so many related masters to reference by a simple A/B, with zero hassle, has been a life saver. Time = money. I would say just try this and in 10 minutes you will see. Thanks again, P.A.
  • Excelent

    by Umbral Studio
    i love it! it's the ultimate way to reference your mixes, i love the automatic gain match so i can reference any mix with the correct levels, and i really love the fact that it can show the different optimal levels for diferent music platforms so i can make a more accurated master for different situations. lovely
  • The best modern monitoring tool

    by Particlez
    The loudness and dynamics meters make it really easy to gauge the levels you are targeting.
    The preset target levels are also an added bonus and I feel the whole package saves me a lot of time and hassle.
    I wouldn't want to go without it after using it!
  • Finally...!!!

    by 2ndBorn Studio
    after trying so many others, out of nowhere & from our favorite place to get PI's comes the best tool to mix & master referencing and added bonus great metering.
    After a 15min demo trial, we all agreed : no brainer....just get it, there's no way we're gonna live without it !
    If they decided to make a ' metering suite ' i wouldn't even demo, that's how good the feature set is in this A/B plugin !
  • MetricAB

    by Unfiltered Audio BYOME
    I love it!!!!!!
  • MetricAB

    by Paul F.
    Although some other plugins do some of what MetricAB does, none do it in one place that works as well for me personally. MetricAB has already helped me zero in on some fussy problems with a couple mixes, but also has given me confidence on how others stack up against comparable tracks. Well worth the price and I'm glad I bought it!
  • ADTR such a great tool

    by MrB
    Thank you for such a great tool, all in one place, and more easy to concentrate to right workflow and mastering