Customer Reviews

  • ADPTR Metric AB

    by guillermopulos
    Tengo muchos EQ, compresores, etc. Pero al final de cuentas, este plugin es el más útil para mejorar mis mezclas de aficionado.
  • amazing! need resizing update!

    by deej
    such an helpful tool! love it! but please please, only if it was
    resizeable! it would fit all screens without any hassle :)
  • Indispensable

    by Ettienne Lane
    Never knew I needed it and now I can't work without it.
  • ADPTR Metric AB

    by Mastervargas
    Very handy tool. It's very well coded. I tried similar tools before but they had a hard time loading tracks, they were choking the RAM. this one is instant in loading files, can handle any format, controls are very well made and ergonomic. In addition it offers a number of very useful meters and other visual tools. Highly recommended
  • Overall Loudness Tool

    by Dallin N
    The A/B feature is like sniffing coffee after smelling perfume -- an immediate reset for your senses, but there's more. Loudness, spectrum analyzer, and stereo imaging gives you what you need to create a polished final product. I use it on every track now that I have it, and I wish I would've started using it earlier.
  • Metric AB

    by User
    Very Nice !!!
  • Reset my ears

    by Sebastian "Unek" Rettinghaus
    the A/B with many different Songs in a Session resets my ears and let me work more efficient- great tool and easy to handy in Cubase
  • Metric Ab

    by experience
    very usefull and helpfull tool, very recomended!
  • Simply and useful

    by janomix
    Simply and useful
  • Still the best

    by Paul Misty
    There aren't so many A/B plugins for referencing tracks. But this is simply the best.