Customer Reviews

  • Metric AB

    by Future Sounds Mastering
    I never do reviews, there's enough to go around. I thought this was just another comparison plugin. I can't master without it anymore. Great interface, great feedback and levels. I bet any mastering engineer mastering in the box would instantly miss it once placed last on their plugin chain. Just lovely. Your ears and this plugin, that's all you need.
  • Saves time and shows great information

    by Adrian S
    When mixing and mastering, I used to load my references in an extra audio track on my DAW, which is not so great, as I could not really compare them ‘in real time’. With this plugin I'm able to do that now, hence saving time and working in a more efficient way. Also, the info about dynamics, stereo image and frequencies' spectrum is awesome. It's like having several plugins in just one. Perhaps it is not one of those fancy purchases, like that analog coloring stuff, but surely is a powerful tool that will help yu to get better results at work.
  • A must for mixing/mastering

    by Under A Mile
    I really like the ease with which this helps to sanity check mixes. Loading in reference tracks is easy and helpful for A/B comparisons. I use the loudness, spectrum, dynamics displays in pre-mastering in order to find any overloud peaks and ensure I'm sending the best mix for final mastering. I also find the gain adjustment really useful when aiming for a target loudness.
  • MetricAB

    by Chadateit
    Really great, easy to use product. I don't ever wanna do another mix without this thing. I have even found myself using some of the analysis tools with this on individual tracks when I have tricky issues to deal with. I love it. Well worth adding to your toolbox.
  • Just get it!!!

    by Auldstock
    If you're serious about mixing....get it. Plain and simple
  • Yes x3

    by Adam
    Other than paying for another fancy EQ or compressor that you don't really need, just analyze your favorite tunes with the Metric AB. It has totally changed my attitude towards mixing and mastering.
    Thanks again.
  • Metric AB

    by Lodmlod
    Metric AB is a fantastic tool, he absolutely did what is made for, and it help me being quicker to make desicion
    in my task! I think I'm going to try streamliner soon!! Great plugin from ADPTR AUDIO.
  • une merveille !!!

    by jordan
    Une merveille, ce (Metric AB) grâce a ce plugin vous pouvez tous analyser et être très précis il est très complet c'est un de mes plugin préférer merci plugin alliance ;-) n' hésitez pas a le testé !
  • Moly

    by TonVE
    Ok, this is what you all need. At least, thats wot I think, but hey I guess I needed it the most to get ahead finally.
    Took a while in the learning curve, but now I m amazed at what this brings to my mixes, while loading and comping some latest Steely D. cd' s.
    You ll get Miles ahead with this plugin.
    Thanks PA ! This is the best ear opener I could find!!

    by Charlie
    Finally the right plugin to start every work session!