Customer Reviews

  • A very helpful tool

    by On The Corner
    Helps with referencing - Good bye to copying same files over and over again!
  • Best Analyzy!

    by MiamiDude
    This has everything you need to analyze your audio. Referencing tracks a breeze! Top!
  • Matrix AB

    by jnjbeatz
    Matrix AB is a complete tool for frequency and level analysis of your mix. It offers all its visualization and analysis functionalities of Loudness Range, Dynamic Range, Short Term, Momentary and Integrated.
    It allows you to see the RMS and True Peak level, and also to see the stereo distribution of the overall mix. It is a tool that will even be useful at the Mastering level.
    Very useful tool to have in your Plugin Alliance catalog.
  • Metric ab is tier 1

    by Beezy
    This plug in is prolly my favorite plug in because it has help me in my journey of creating great mixes and even masters. I usually use it in layer mode and switch back and forth to my mix and reference tracks are the wave. Ref tracks are important in mastering and mixing to understand a great sound also to see if your tracks match up or have similar curves to your reference tracks. Obviously it takes a lot of experience to create quality mixes this was something that took me to another level. I also always use mastered tracks and mix with my limiters and soft clipper on so i can match loudness from the beginning and then i put ab at the end of my chain… i will never choose to mix without it ever. This is my first ever great review for any plug in ever.
  • best i've seen

    by tyson
    i've been using this for several years at this point, and i think its the best analysis tool there is. every single piece of information you could ever need is right in front of you, and it's not going to overload your project with a bunch of 3d renderings and stuff that's overkill.
    i keep this on the master of my projects from beginning to end, and i keymap different parameters throughout. i will map the sides button and check stereo imaging, map the switch button and check out reference tracks. its a great tool
  • So impactful

    by Jono. B
    Amazing tool, speed up referencing and really zoom in on all aspects.
    It doesn't take too long to understand. dELIGHTED
  • Use everyday

    by Phil
    Now native Apple Silicon. I have never used anything as much as this, literally on every project.
    You will have to pry this plugin from my cold, dead hands.
  • Metric AB

    by JJ
    I couldn't live without this plugin. I spent so many hours on YouTube watching tutorials and learning the basics of sound design. I also spent time in a studio with a friend who is a producer. The single best advice I was given was to have a good reference track of a well mastered song to A/B compare to what ever I am working on. This plug in singlehandedly allowed me to do that effortlessly inside the project, but also have valuable visuals of frequencies and levels. Being able to switch back and forth instantaneously has helped train my ear more than 1,000 YouTube videos all saying conflicting info. I trust my ears and a good master now, not a tuber looking for views.
  • Indispensible

    by DrGaryB
    One of the few plugins actually worth the price. Use every day and sits open permanently on my mastering display. Most used features for me: match, 16 reference track slots, analysis and metering. Se easy to use with an instantly readable display. Excellent for getting fast decisions from clients in attended sessions. Thank you!
  • Must have

    by Frank Zippo
    It's the best AB plugin. There's all the gain matching and metering you could want.