Customer Reviews

  • So useful

    by sobrinN
    This plugin has every feature you need to analyze your song and also compare it to other songs.
  • 150% useful

    by Ay Ay Ron
    Simply put; amazing. Adptr thought of everything. I love having data. The more the better and Adptr brought the mother load. It is also intuitive and easy to use. I immediately got better mixes and continue to learn valuable information with every use of this plugin.
  • M1 Native Support Please

    by Christian
    An essential plugin for sure. Just waiting for M1 Native!

    by SIAH
    its great! i love it
    my Instrumentals now beautiful
    workflow and learning learning with a lot of fun
  • Excelente

    by Gonzalo
    Tengo muchos plugins de diferentes desarroladores. De todos los que tengo sólo 5 los utilizo en todas mis mezclas, AB es uno de ellos. De verdad este plugin es excelente! Su interfaz, todo! Lo uso en el listen bus previo a Sonarworks. 100% recomendable!
  • Incredible plug in but...

    by Sharaf
    I love this plug in. It has significantly helped me improve my mixing skills by allow me to compare mix mixes with Grammy awarded mixes and masters.
    My only issue with this plug in is that once in while, in Logic Pro X, when the plugin doesn't recognize the location of audio files I had previously imported, my sessions display a semi-transparent Logic session that only shows the contour of tabs (edit, preferences, windows, etc...). Whenever I uninstall the plug my sessions open normally. Nonetheless, the plugin is so useful I've been installing and uninstalling it whenever I gotta use it. I hope the team at Plugin Alliance figure out how to solve this issue.
  • Metric AB

    by M&M Sounds
    Great plugin. Really useful. Would really like it to be updated for native M1. Last update was 2020.
  • easily going to be your most valuable plugin

    by KyleHowdy
    without a doubt, get this! Nothing, and I mean NOTHING will enhance your projects more than this plugin! Easily reference tracks, visually, targeted frequencies, loudness, stereo imaging, etc. It is SO good, you will never mix or master without it.
  • AB

    by Crayfish
    Didn't realize I needed this till I got it. Was recommended to me. It's fast tracking my ear and I am starting to understand how my studio monitor respond. I love the filter options. This thing is packed full of features and I can see myself using most of them. The perfect tool for disecting a mix fast.
  • ADPTR Metric AB

    by guillermopulos
    Tengo muchos EQ, compresores, etc. Pero al final de cuentas, este plugin es el más útil para mejorar mis mezclas de aficionado.