Customer Reviews

  • Metric AB

    by JJ
    I couldn't live without this plugin. I spent so many hours on YouTube watching tutorials and learning the basics of sound design. I also spent time in a studio with a friend who is a producer. The single best advice I was given was to have a good reference track of a well mastered song to A/B compare to what ever I am working on. This plug in singlehandedly allowed me to do that effortlessly inside the project, but also have valuable visuals of frequencies and levels. Being able to switch back and forth instantaneously has helped train my ear more than 1,000 YouTube videos all saying conflicting info. I trust my ears and a good master now, not a tuber looking for views.
  • Indispensible

    by DrGaryB
    One of the few plugins actually worth the price. Use every day and sits open permanently on my mastering display. Most used features for me: match, 16 reference track slots, analysis and metering. Se easy to use with an instantly readable display. Excellent for getting fast decisions from clients in attended sessions. Thank you!
  • Must have

    by Frank Zippo
    It's the best AB plugin. There's all the gain matching and metering you could want.
  • Update v1.4

    by GrizzlyAK
    This is a fantastic update to an awesome application. Thanks for the refresh and listening to users!
  • Best tool

    by Dadda
    I swear by this plugin when mixing my tracks, makes my sessions so much easier and I can directly confirm and visualize what's lacking in my tracks compared to the professionally mastered ones.

    by METRIC AB
    COMPARE YOUR MIX as a reference to other mixes !!
  • Wow!!!

    by Armand
    I have never bought a more useful plug-in!
  • great plugin

    by Txema
    very useful plugin that allows to you to observe your sound precisely
  • Wonderful analysis plugin

    by AlbertoJGP
    This is really my most used Plugin Alliance plugin (and I have a lot), but mostly as a metering tool. It's fantastic in this regard. It moves smoothly, which is very important, and the interface is clean and easy to use. I have it almost permanently opened in my small secondary monitor using VSTi Host for monitoring any source I want from my audio interface.
    I specially love the Loudness Metering, it helps me a lot matching the levels in voices and sound effects for games, which I do a lot.
    I only wish it could be resized to full screen by enlarging the drawing area, and also I'd love to see small levels at the left side of the History view of the Loudness metering.
    It's a wonderful tool and highly recommended. Great work, ADPTR!
  • MUST have M1 support!!

    by jdm
    Without Apple Native VST3 support, this is just taking up space. Which is really too bad, as it was highly useful before.
    C'mon, it's literally been *years* plural. Recompile your code and get on with it!
    Add native support and I'll write a new review.