Customer Reviews

  • MetricAB

    by synesthetic
    Unfortunately I got this thing a week to late and improvised a referencing setup with my DAW and a bunch of plugins. Now this neat thing does it all in one and then some. I can't really say anything negative about it. It does what it is supposed to exceptionally well.
    If it had a mode for slightly simplified analyzers like spectrum, correlation, loudness in one screen, I would say 10/10.
  • Awesome one

    by Janusz K
    Truly amazing plugin, well worth it and highly recommended...cheers
  • m4a

    by Audiunt
    Super plugin, but why no m4a support on Windows?? All iTunes users must convert before they can use their reference tracks? What would be so hard about m4a support on Windows?
  • MetricAB

    by WH
    I already liked the predecessor of this plugin very much and therefore just purchased the new version. It is very helpful in checking the mix against commercial records or the rough mix, even more so since all the metering tools are now included. The reasons for not giving 5 stars are: No possibility to store different filter settings and, more important, the filter frequency settings do not correspond to the real output. Even when the settings are very narrow, e.g. 200-500 Hz, the output is much wider. I double checked that with another filter plugin and an analyzer which clearly showed what I already heard. Would be great to consider these points for a future update.
  • Hybrid Mixers, Take Note

    by Phil S.
    Not only is MetricAB great for reference tracks, but it's also invaluable for easing the pain of recalls in a hybrid setup. It's for those times when you just had to use the 500 series EQ with the tiny knobs on the stereo buss, and "gain at 12:30" in your notes isn't quite precise enough. Maybe the unruly compressor is on the fritz today, so you need to mimic it with a different one. Or, you slacked on documenting some gear settings because the mix was "perfect--it's done!" a week ago, and now you only have your memory and your ears to figure out what they were... I mean, I know somebody who fell for that. That wasn't me.
    Drop the last mix that went to the client into MetricAB, and it will streamline the process of matching your recalled session to the old one before you start making your revisions. It can bail you out from situations that you'll never admit happened to you.
  • Best A/B tool So Far!

    by Anthony Lee
    This seems to be the most stable & accurate level matching tool available - the others I've used prior to this are a bit buggy or lacking in accuracy.
    This also has a huge wealth of features to help achieve the modern mastered sound we are all looking for.
    So glad I tested this out - will be on my mix buss from now on.
  • Matching Views

    by Metric AB
    Pretty nice design. I don‘t need further tools beside it to make it whole. What I‘d love to see in future though: Let us see the spectrum analyzer gainmatched too. That is crucial in my opinion to see small changes.
  • Aleksander Lisin

    by Very useful tool!!!
    Thank you PA for this A/B comparing meter. It's one of the rules - to use a reference tracks during the mixing. This tool helps you to do it very easy and quickly with many useful options.
  • Stand Alone

    by fivepeace
    Just Great !
    Nothing more to say ...
    The wishes for improvement in the comments here are on my list, too ... plus a STANDALONE Version.
    Thanks a lot!
  • Best of its kind AB plugin

    by Anthony Aks
    I can't not leave a review about this. The best plugin for AB comparison of all that I was able to use. Comprehensive analysis of the required parameters with excellent visualization. And all this is done incredibly convenient and simple. Thank you!