Customer Reviews

  • adptr metric halo

    by erv
    extrem usefull. great.
  • Simply the Best

    by AD
    I love this plugin!! Using this plugin has really helped me to mix using reference tracks!!
  • Simply great!

    by Mario Aguilera
    This is the best way you can compare your references against pro references tracks and make you tracks come close to sound like your favorite songs, all theri funtions are very useful, the quick comparison and the level matching function is superior to any other refernece plugin out there, and the quick way to compare each frequency band has no comparison, this is your plugin for reference for sure.
  • Perfect

    by JackBale
    This es a perfect plug-in, it simply does everything correctly, plus it has tools you will need at the crucial moments of your mix and mastering. Is a real gem
  • the truth

    by kat
    The one plugin I recommend over all others to get a great mix ~
  • Fantastic

    by DRL
    This is something I now use all the time. Just take a track you love the sound of and apply the filter settings one at a time to see what needs to be changed in your mix. Great for getting your levels just right and taking the guess work out even when your ears are a bit fatigued.
  • AB

    by Till
    Fantastic plugin to reference with! Must have!!
  • As Advertised!

    by The Sound Aura
    This is an awesome product! However, can we get a resizable GUI in the future? Not a deal breaker by any means, but laptop users will rejoice :)
    Almost 5 stars...
  • Very useful

    by B
    Simplified my referencing needs. Everything you need in one place, love it!
  • Best A/B. Period.

    by Jesse Cook
    If you're having trouble with your mixes and they for whatever reason just aren't translating well to different systems then this will be your lifesaver. This is more than just your typical A/B plugin. This allows you to verify every aspect of yours and your references frequency throughout the spectrum. It allows you to solo specific frequencies, mids and sides. Compare stereo image, dynamic range, LUFS.. the possibilities are endless. Plugin Alliance has got you covered!