Customer Reviews

  • LEGIT!

    by BMan
    Honestly, this thing is amazing and versatile. Can tweak it to perfection on individual tracks and the mix buss. This is one of those plugins that just sounds great, period. If you have it, you'll use it regularly. Easily 5/5 stars.
  • Musical

    by Heiko Klüh
    This plugin sounds musical and gives some extra smoothness to your tracks. I works nice in the mix. Sometimes it´s bax eq which does the job and sometimes it´s the HG-2.
  • Black box

    by Kochease
    By far the best saturation plug in in my aresenal. I use it on every project weather I’m recording, mixing, or mastering!
  • Does the job

    by RootCellar
    Great tone, dip support is great for tracking.
  • HG-2

    by Emil
    I love this plugin! Makes any track sound amazing and real. Thanks PA!
  • Black HG2 Mamba Bass

    by Kill Waldo
    It droped my 808 bass so low. My granny kicked me out. . Real.. I use it on at least a few tracks every song. I got a few presets for pianos that are fukn staple solid ..go to shit..
  • Magic

    by Henrik
    Works magic on about everything I put it on. Low setting on kick/bass/808 bus, flat or high setting with some "air" on vocals, backing vocals, subtle drive on the mix bus. Always sounds musical!
  • HG-2 Endorsement

    by PrismaticBlack
    This is by far my favorite distortion/saturation module at my disposal. It sounds absolutely amazing on individual tracks, buses, and even as a master channel processor.
    It brings out a lot of presence without disrupting the mix. This is my go-to plugin for making a sound really shine, and it's extremely versatile in that you can really hear how it affects the sound with each turn of the knob. Definitely give it a try!
  • review

    by Neuromotor
    Hi there, I have been producing all kind of electronic dance music since 1995, my main project being Psytrance, but I do produce a lot of indie rock, electro jazz, trap and I use the black box design either on inserts or as a bus mix processor, to warm up my signals, brings some odds harmonics tight up a mix together as well, give more punch to the low end section as well, I do use it as well in mastering on Parallel processing. This plugin is amazing, thanks for bringing out this kind of feel in the digital world!!!
  • Review

    by Alex Aguilar
    I love the sound it brings to my mix / master! Easy to use & great analog sound!