Customer Reviews

  • Hg-2

    by Ian
    Amazing emulation of the analog gear!
  • Makes everything sound better

    by CG
    Well, maybe not everything, but most things. Can be used lightly, even without adding obvious audible saturation, to lift elements just a little and make them sound more polished and solid.
    I’ve used it on at least one track (and usually several) in every mix I’ve done since I got it.
    Truly indispensable.
  • Saturation Tank

    by Mchangani
    This plugin adds presence, air and weight, always A/B when adjusting the settings to hear what effect its can easily go off the radar if u crank it too much. it is a great plugin and I use it on my mix bus and master buss. works great as a touch up tool to ur mix or master.
    I alternate between This and the Vertigo VSM-3 make my job easier!
  • Secret sauce

    by Mes702
    Stunning plugin. At first, I thought: I don’t need another saturation plugin, I have Decapitator... but this is different. It’s cleaner, punchier and louder! Magic.
    One of the best plugins I’ve bought.
    Thanks Black Box!
  • Shine

    by Tyler Taylor
    Huge fan of what the HG-2 can add to a mix. I've been using this plugin on almost every hip-hop mix that I've worked on recently. Slapping the HG-2 on an instrumental bus is ideal if you need that final glue/polish.
  • Nice plugin

    by Ralph
    I was sceptical at first, but seeing it being used by so many made me try it. I find it easy to just make anything sound better with it. Love it!
  • review

    by Black Box Analog Design
    hi quality
  • Wow!!

    by cabanasbeats
    This blackbox is so useful. A great sounding crafting tool works magic on vocals to give them presence. Could easily be used on basically every track to help give them their own solid place in the mix. Seriosuly DEMO this product, you’ll see.
  • excellent

    by Luis
    great plugins very useful for professional results not for beginners you can destroy easily any elements on the mix but if you use correctly you jump to another level for sure, thanks again
  • Magic

    by Michael.K
    This one got real magic in it.
    adds some really amazing presence and coloration...full mix ,mastering ,individual sounds it can do it all...
    Magic! (: