Customer Reviews

  • Must Have Plug In

    by Brian Pomp
    I don't ever want to mix anything without this. I also need to figure out a way to be able to use this when I tour. The only downside is that I can't figure out how to get from the demo license to the full purchased license and I have 3 days left
  • HG-2

    by element4audio
    I like a lot this saturation plugin, react very well with acoustic instruments or even in a mixbus. Good tool
  • Blackbox H2

    by 3W1SE
    Blown away!!!!! This is maybe the best plugin I have ever used. Nothing else compares.
  • Kewl kewl kewl

    by odod
    love this plugin, could not leave a project without it !
  • HG2

    by Aephlion
    Can't believe I waited so long to add this to my plugin folder. Great sounding distortion which rounds off transients in a really nice way for beefy drums.
    Good on the master bus as well for bringing everything together
  • Fantastic drive!!!

    by Musician B.
    I love this drive on my instruments!!! Thanks Plugin Alliance!!
  • Perfect saturation

    by Grzegorz Porowiński
    Best saturation plugin I have ever heard!
  • Sounds like money!

    by ResX
    To my ears, this is the best sounding saturation plugin
  • Black Box Analog Design

    by Steady State
    One of my all time favorite plugins. Incredibly good!
  • HG-2

    by TTLangen
    Realistic sounding saturation combined with variable gain staging is a great option to have in your buss. You can drive it and you’re able to push your sound a bit forward without loosing your transients.
    HG-2 can work wonders on your synth or bass stems as well in your final mix. Sometimes I use this before going in to my analog loop and this way it gives you detailed and controlled feeling of your harmonics.