Customer Reviews

  • Everything you want!!

    by StudioMagic
    I gotta be honest, I'm pretty hard on plugs. I've used a ton of them like most engineers who have done this for long as I have, and I've started to get settled in my ways. It's not that I'm being arrogant, it's just that you start to just blow em off in frustration because they don't always live up to their great reviews. But I'm open minded and always looking for great after seeing Dave Pensado use the hardware version of this baby in his mixes I figured I would give the software version a shot hoping it would even be half as good...and holy CRAP if it isn't what he claimed it was and more.
    This Black box HG-2 is a "must have" on my mixbuss now and it gives you that "Record" sound in short order. I liken it to putting wax on your car to make it shine. It's that finishing touch that makes everything gel and shine whether it's only one track for a certain effect or the entire mix. It can give a grunt to the low end, girth to the low mids, phatten up thin tracks. It can add "glow" to the mid range to help it settle into a mix in ways EQ just can't buy itself. It can give you shine on the top end to make things sparkle. And if your top end is too nasty and edgy brittle sounding it can round out and soften those frequencies as well as tame transients with extremely pleasing saturation. It does whatever you want it to really.
    I must admit that while it is pretty simple to use, it still took me a bit of time to really get a feel for the gain staging of each tube and how each setting effects the sound overall. Alt tube vs regular one, pentode sound vs triode, and the density setting etc. But once you get a feel for how each tube will react to the sound, and dial them into that sweet spot to get a good gain going... it's really a DREAM! This HAS to be one of my top 5 favorite plugs of all time....and that's really saying something.
    I have the soundtoys stuff and while I like the decapitator...I LOVE This thing. I think you will too. Good luck.
  • Top !

    by Bruno Zucchetti
    Top as every product of PluginAlliance !
    I use it by HDX Dsp and I've subscrived for Mega Bundle Yearly ,as a Top Recording Studio in a pocket ...
    i will buy everything waiting the right promotions !
    Bruno Zucchetti Italy
  • HG-2

    by TonVE
    Its all true below here on the reviews
    I can not add more but just a big grin and an omg wow factor..
    Found some true ears openers overhere
  • Awesome!!!

    by Ben Vincent
    This is the plugin I've been searching. The best ever. highly recommended. just put this plugin in any track of your mix. you'll be surprised with the MAGIC
  • Mix to another level

    by Genetic Variation
    Tried it on some individual tracks but also to master bus. The mix goes way up to another lever. Warmth, opens the mix and clarify every single detail.
  • Black Box

    by CDTC
    Simply amazing!
  • HG-2

    by Alex
    Interesting plugin - I don't own the hardware so I cannot do an A/B, but I'm very pleased with what can be accomplished with this one. Nevertheless, the interface can (and should) be improved, specially because I can't move two knobs at the same time, which is something I can do in plugins from other companies (also not all anyway) with a multi-touch screen where I put the plugins I'm working with - having the ability to move, out of the box, two knobs at the same time when using a touchscreen (eg, for output compensation) is a must have in plugins like this. That's why I only give 4 out of 5 stars.
  • Versatile & Powerful

    by Elliott S.
    Either to get more presence, add some grit & texture or just drive to hell something, the HG-2 is a pretty handy unit.
    I often use it really subtly, in parallel, to brighten/open the songs that I master.
  • Great plugin

    by Aardvark
    I use the hardware box nearly every day.
    Having received an email stating that the plugin was on sale for $69 & also had a $20 voucher, I thought I'd buy it. Anyway, it really is an excellent emulation, seriously close. The one thing I would like to see is some kind of automatic gain compensation. With the hardware, you can use both hands to keep the level roughly consistent; with the software, it's a pain in the backside to do this with a mouse. Would have given 5 stars if this feature was present.

    by Etienne
    Great plugin! It really brings up details and definition. Easy to use... can be tried on any sound... Very CPU friendly.