Customer Reviews

  • Black Box Analog Design

    by Steady State
    One of my all time favorite plugins. Incredibly good!
  • HG-2

    by TTLangen
    Realistic sounding saturation combined with variable gain staging is a great option to have in your buss. You can drive it and you’re able to push your sound a bit forward without loosing your transients.
    HG-2 can work wonders on your synth or bass stems as well in your final mix. Sometimes I use this before going in to my analog loop and this way it gives you detailed and controlled feeling of your harmonics.
  • Stunninig

    by robin zv
    This is my go to on all of my busses for that added bit of magic.
  • Saturator plug in

    by Luca
    This is the best saturator as vst. It's incredible , I love it.
    You can reach harmonics very easily without damaging the audio.
  • Not hype.

    by Hiponic Audio
    I spent a long time hearing about this plugin before I finally got ahold of it.
    Nobody can prepare you for how much you will use this plugin.
    Nobody can prepare you for how incredible this actually sounds.
    Nobody can prepare you for how bad you will want this plugin after the demo.
    Bottom line, This is essential.
  • Must Have

    by Black Frost
    I use this Box on a regular basis, like all of the time, as template on kickdrum, snare and bass guitar. It is a magic thing, if not overdone, everything gets louder and clearer, punchier, more direct, meaty, also crystal clear, if it needs to be, this is a kind of holy grail box I was searching for. You can make everything sound better with this one. Recommended!
  • Distortion to Static

    by Rock Solid
    A saturation unit that can be bent to your whims; it performs small miracles or larger ones should you desire it. Truly a desert island plug in that mustn't be missed should you wish to be a truly dangerous engineer or producer.
  • Black Box is full of magic

    by T. W. Tobin
    Just used this for there first time on a mastering project to add some nice harmonic sizzle. Excellent result. Looking forward to using this on a lot of things, from mixing to mastering in future.
  • Add 3D to your Mix Bus

    by Alex Picciafuochi
    I don't use it as a distortion, for me it is an excellent sound and spatial modeler, it creates the right 3D depth to the sound
  • Desert Island Saturator

    by Tony Kuhn
    Swiss knife to make the sound clear and loud with dynamics, pleasant gentle to hard saturation, the two saturation modes are good and really different. The calibration and sat freq can help you position the elements in the mix in a not so obvious way. This great piece of software runs as smooth and fast as your lightest native DAW plugin, it can be used in every track. Everything is dialed on a single window so setup is fast. It is possible to add a little bite, with parallel mixing. I am very happy with this. Try it!