Customer Reviews

  • Amazingly intuitive EQ

    by IndigoFox
    This is by far one of the best transparent EQ's I have had the pleasure to use! The interface just makes sense and the auto-solo feature is sheer genius. I work on a lot of acoustic recording, classical and folk, and the subtleties that you can manipulate with this EQ without disturbing other parts of the sound field is inspiring to work with. Without a doubt this will be used on every project from now on. Highly recommended.
  • Must-have EQ!

    by Withajay
    This EQ is amazing! Love all the Plugin Alliance stuff but this is a very hand equalizer especially when you need to control frequencies.
    What are you waiting for?!?!?! Go get the Mega-Bundle! Best money you ever spent!
  • Must. Have. Plugin.

    by LaGGarto
    Great for surgical EQ and to solve M-S Eq on busses and Master. I even use it to balance my morning coffee.
  • excellent eq

    by Gerard
    This eq is amazing! Very versatile and clean. Ideal for mastering but mixing too. Really love new the notch filter and the improved lo/hi pass filters, great upgrades from the V2 version!
  • Top of the line Mastering EQ's.

    by Jesse Cook
    This EQ ends up on every mix. The capabilities are spectacular and endless. The only gripe I have, and I wish it had was some saturation but that's me being picky. This EQ offers everything you need to perfect that final mix/master.
  • v3

    by Ger
    el mejor EQ de todos los tiempos, facilita horas de trabajo en minutos!!
  • It's great

    by Fredro
    Great plugin for cutting out and touching the right frequencies, great stereo enhancer capabilities. Can look daunting at first, but it all makes sense!
  • A Must Have

    by Headstack
    Very clean, easy to find problem areas and nudge.
    Love this, and the original v2
  • Very precise

    by TonVE
    For me eq is for fixing problems in any source, and highlight and balance a source, mix or master.
    This tool is perfect for that. For instance some ugly tom ringing at 140 Hz. Fixed without losing any tone or dynamic.
    The dynamic eq option is a great tool for taming too enthusiastic frequencies.
    And then M/S mode,... wow, its all here in this eq. Best I ever worked with.
  • bx_digital v3

    by Peter Indenkämpen
    This one lives permanently on my masterbuss. It controls the M/S processing and holds control of the gain. I can change the timbre of my sound in seconds. Not to mention notching problematic frequencies etc. Just great!