Customer Reviews

  • excellent eq

    by Gerard
    This eq is amazing! Very versatile and clean. Ideal for mastering but mixing too. Really love new the notch filter and the improved lo/hi pass filters, great upgrades from the V2 version!
  • Top of the line Mastering EQ's.

    by Jesse Cook
    This EQ ends up on every mix. The capabilities are spectacular and endless. The only gripe I have, and I wish it had was some saturation but that's me being picky. This EQ offers everything you need to perfect that final mix/master.
  • v3

    by ger
    el mejor EQ de todos los tiempos, facilita horas de trabajo en minutos!!
  • It's great

    by Fredro
    Great plugin for cutting out and touching the right frequencies, great stereo enhancer capabilities. Can look daunting at first, but it all makes sense!
  • A Must Have

    by Headstack
    Very clean, easy to find problem areas and nudge.
    Love this, and the original v2
  • Very precise

    by TonVE
    For me eq is for fixing problems in any source, and highlight and balance a source, mix or master.
    This tool is perfect for that. For instance some ugly tom ringing at 140 Hz. Fixed without losing any tone or dynamic.
    The dynamic eq option is a great tool for taming too enthusiastic frequencies.
    And then M/S mode,... wow, its all here in this eq. Best I ever worked with.
  • bx_digital v3

    by Peter Indenkämpen
    This one lives permanently on my masterbuss. It controls the M/S processing and holds control of the gain. I can change the timbre of my sound in seconds. Not to mention notching problematic frequencies etc. Just great!
  • Medical EQ for magical sound

    by Gearmaster
    I am very happy with this purchase! If anything needs to be fixed just put this to an insert slot and I set it up quickly.If I want to do something more special I just set it up until it comes together. Brilliant!
  • A No Brainer for MS Processing

    by Elliott S.
    Even though there are plenty M/S EQ available, the bx_digital V3 remains always on the master for the finals checks and eventual adjustments. An efficient no brainer!
  • This is a fantastic EQ!

    by spbmac
    Absolutely LOVE the auto-listen/auto-solo features--so helpful when trying to pinpoint the offending resonances. So many useful features intuitively laid out all in one interface. It's hard to pick just a couple to highlight. It's very precise and clean. Fantastic control over Mids -vs- Sides. Love the Bass & Presence shift knobs with selectable curves for quickly shaping tone. Love this plugin.