Customer Reviews

  • bx_digital V3

    by MS
    I needed a M/S capable EQ, demoed this, and discover its just spectacular in every respect. World class sound, UI and toolset. Bought it within 30 minutes of demoing.
  • Essential tool

    by Roisto
    I use this for every mix just before master compressor
  • maybe

    by janomix
    Yes, maybe the best real quality plugin from Plugin Alliance and bx_ all other "TMT plugins" are modeled from this...
  • Best EQ mid/side

    by ABC du beatmaking
    excellent EQ for really powerful mastering with very good management of the mid / side, the mono maker is ideal, a real revelation for my setup!
    Happy new year
    Stay safe
  • Brilliant

    by Paul Misty
    I asked myself if I need another clean EQ besides ProQ3, Weiss EQ and Neutron. But yes! This one is my first choice for major signals like an already mixed 2-track instrumental. It's not necessarily that you can't get the same results with other tools. But I get very fast from A to B. The auto listen functions are great. Also the stereo with feature can be handy. Visual separation between M and S signal is what I also like. And the Bass and Presence Shifts are brilliant. Mastering quality!
  • Excellent EQ

    by enkaytee
    The best EQ I've owned - looks complex, but once you've read the manual a couple of times, it's pretty straight forward to dial in the settings for individual tracks, or on the master. I even use it as a master plugin on all my audio output from my Mac - Soundsource lets you add plugins to any output channel. One thing that would make it reallly useful would be if presets could be saved to disk so you could have more than 4 available...
  • Impressive tool

    by Edu Z
    I've waited until the perfect time to get it, but concluded that lost time with that. This plug in is simply amazing!
    Precise and user friendly. O know that looks like somewhat intimidatig at first, but just at beginning.
  • Amazingly intuitive EQ

    by IndigoFox
    This is by far one of the best transparent EQ's I have had the pleasure to use! The interface just makes sense and the auto-solo feature is sheer genius. I work on a lot of acoustic recording, classical and folk, and the subtleties that you can manipulate with this EQ without disturbing other parts of the sound field is inspiring to work with. Without a doubt this will be used on every project from now on. Highly recommended.
  • Must-have EQ!

    by Withajay
    This EQ is amazing! Love all the Plugin Alliance stuff but this is a very hand equalizer especially when you need to control frequencies.
    What are you waiting for?!?!?! Go get the Mega-Bundle! Best money you ever spent!
  • Must. Have. Plugin.

    by LaGGarto
    Great for surgical EQ and to solve M-S Eq on busses and Master. I even use it to balance my morning coffee.