Customer Reviews

  • very nice master eq

    by zuoji
    very nice master eq
  • as

    by anvar2008
  • Great EQ!

    by Max
    I own it for roughly 3 years now and it became my go-to equalizer for most tasks. The Mid- Side feature becomes super handy if you want to tighten & clean your stereo image.
    Awesome plugin!
  • amazing

    by v3
    goooood offer.thanks alot waaaaw
  • Fast workflow

    by B. van kaa
    Just ordered it, and have to say that I love the interface!!! In reality you have 10 bands (5 standard bands, 2 shelvings, 2 filters, 1 dynamic band) at your fingertips, without selecting bands like in Fabfilter, or F6. The mix plugin easily replaces Waves R EQ, H EQ.
  • bx_digital V3

    by MS
    I needed a M/S capable EQ, demoed this, and discover its just spectacular in every respect. World class sound, UI and toolset. Bought it within 30 minutes of demoing.
  • Essential tool

    by Roisto
    I use this for every mix just before master compressor
  • maybe

    by janomix
    Yes, maybe the best real quality plugin from Plugin Alliance and bx_ all other "TMT plugins" are modeled from this...
  • Best EQ mid/side

    by ABC du beatmaking
    excellent EQ for really powerful mastering with very good management of the mid / side, the mono maker is ideal, a real revelation for my setup!
    Happy new year
    Stay safe
  • Brilliant

    by Paul Misty
    I asked myself if I need another clean EQ besides ProQ3, Weiss EQ and Neutron. But yes! This one is my first choice for major signals like an already mixed 2-track instrumental. It's not necessarily that you can't get the same results with other tools. But I get very fast from A to B. The auto listen functions are great. Also the stereo with feature can be handy. Visual separation between M and S signal is what I also like. And the Bass and Presence Shifts are brilliant. Mastering quality!