Customer Reviews

  • This is a fantastic EQ!

    by spbmac
    Absolutely LOVE the auto-listen/auto-solo features--so helpful when trying to pinpoint the offending resonances. So many useful features intuitively laid out all in one interface. It's hard to pick just a couple to highlight. It's very precise and clean. Fantastic control over Mids -vs- Sides. Love the Bass & Presence shift knobs with selectable curves for quickly shaping tone. Love this plugin.
  • Great EQ

    by Luiz Zen
    I felt in love with AMEK after trying it, so I was looking to something similar to it. I found bx_digital V3 the closest in terms of functionality and UI. Of course, no comparison to AMEK sound wise (that one is gorgeous!).
    The one thing I'd like bx_digital V3 was more similar to AMEK is the Auto Listen feature. In bx_digital V3 the Q is too sharp, surgical, while in AMEK it is more open, pleasing. It would be awesome to be able to choose a Q factor for the Auto Listen.
    And the other thing is that the shiny Link led buttons call more attention than the on/off buttons of each band. This is annoying, it makes it difficult to quickly check which bands are turned on/off because our eyes are dragged immediately to the shiny Link leds instead of the on/off buttons on each band. So it would be great to have that fixed. Again, get AMEK as a reference/example ;-)
    Other than those issues, this EQ is great.
  • Hardware emulation?

    by VIP sound technology institute of Dartmouth
    Best eq maybe add a couple more eq bands only thing I can think of.. also it says hardware emulation what hardware are we talking about here?
  • A modern classic

    by Gijs
    Love this plugin on the mix bus, subtly widening it, summing the low end, slightly boosting highs on the side channel, the bass shift tightening the lows a little, de-essing the mid channel a littlebit. The sum of all those subtle tweaks is very much not subtle. A must have for me.
  • The best is the best

    by Nick Riley
    I have spend a good deal of time with the V3 EQ and I’ve got to say, there’s just absolutely nothing like it. It’s an absolute dream to use and a god send for eq’ing in a transparent but usable way. The automatic solo for frequency bands is a real game changer
  • bx_digital V3

    by 2fP
    Great clean utilitarian EQ. Doesn't impart any particular mojo, but find this really usefull for notching out any nasties. I like the way you can solo the band when you're searching for frequencies to boost or cut.
  • Wonderful EQ!

    by Niko
    Work brilliantly for all of my EQ needs. Auto-solo function makes identifying problematic frequencies easy. The simplified 'mixing' instance makes this pretty much the only EQ I ever use. The only problem I have with it is that quite often for no apparent reason it turns on high pass and low pass on its own (this happens with cubase elements 10.5 and it might get fixed so it doesn't cost a star).
  • What can I say...

    by Phil
    about this timeless piece. It's brilliant. Fantastic invention to its time, still doing its job perfectly. Well done, 5 stars.
  • The perfect tool.

    by Martin Ek
    A very versatile, neutral and effective equalizer. A "workhorse" plugin that can solve problematic tracks but also gently shape the busses. This, and a character-EQ, is all i need.
  • where have you been hiding this jewel?

    by PMT Studio
    The greatest mastering eq for all taste;m/s and stereo all in one minus the wear and tear of the hardware of old and added a/I algorithms for smoothness of the sonic picture making it that extra polished without working up a sweat!