Customer Reviews

  • Nice tube sparkle in the top end air band

    by Overdrive Music
    Nice tube sparkle in the top end air band! Love the option for switching from Tube to JFet. Easy to use controls. Shame about the very tiny trim control. And no auto-listen like the newer plugins. But it is capable of mid-side, which is great. Still 5 stars!
  • One of the best!

    by Gustavoadrian
    I didn't think this EQ would sound so different to other EQs I own, but it does. The sound is very musical and sweet. I'm really impressed about the quality and the results I'm getting in my mixes. You can't go wrong with this beast!
  • Smooth & versatile

    by Gerard
    This eq blows my mind! I didn't expect much and I was surprised. This beauty replaces my Manley Massive Passive in my buses and mastering chain. It's very smooth. You could be super clean and clear with the transformer or more sweet and warm with the tube circuit. Totally recommended!
  • NSEQ-2

    by Erik Dangenoir (Cercl'oeil Prodctions-CEO/Founder):INSANASOMNIA, Imaginary-Steps...
    Most transparent mastering EQ I have ever had the analog pleasure of using.
  • I'm in love

    by dcbl Records
    After getting the AMEK bx-2098EQ some time ago, I was sure that an EQ couldn't sound nicer ... until I heard the NSEQ-2. In addition to a very nice interface design, this plugin achieved top marks in terms of musicality. I was lucky enough to get the EQ in the deal (also here). Patience and prudence definitely pay off with plugins.
    But about the EQ: No matter how you set the parameters: It never sounds harsh, distorted or inharmonious. The bass and treble areas can be emphasized and rounded off excellently. Is that bad now? Not at all. Certainly you can hardly do anything wrong here, but you can also do a lot right if you emphasize the right frequencies. Then the sun does indeed rise and no EQ that I know of can do that in this musicality. In the high heights, it does not come close to the air behavior of the Mäag EQ4, but it sounds more differentiated and more subtle here. The sensitive midrange around 2-5 KHz can also be emphasized very sensitively and harmoniously without it sounding unnatural.
    Compared to my beloved AMEK bx-2098EQ, it is noticeably rounder and "tamer". The Amek can simply grab it more courageously here and there and with the Glow / Sheen function has a greater radius of action. Somehow that wouldn't suit the Millennia either. The characters of the two EQs complement each other quite well and are each suitable in their own way for high-quality sound refinement. For fretsaw work, however, I would strictly decline both!
    In short: The NSEQ-2 is definitely the most musical EQ I've ever used. Absolutely unsuitable for repair work of any kind, he sets the highest level in the refinement of the master chain.
  • Best EQ for AC Gtr!

    by Owen JJ
    To be honest, when I tried the preset for the Acoustic Guitar track, I got surprised!
    It really brings out the clarity, body and nice tone from the guitar track.
    In my routine workflow, usually I will test out the preset and start to tweak and find out the way that how to use that particular plugin.. but this plugin is like instant buy decision to me!
  • Amazing

    by Dave T
    Love it
  • Synths and samples

    by Maarten
    You really have to try this one on synths and samplers, it deepens up the sound in a wonderful, spacious way.
  • Very nice

    by Dee
    I love this one, it sounds great and it's very useful to deharsh highs from guitars. It will be even better you could solo M and S sides but I use other plugin before it to enable that function.
  • Millenia NSEQ-2

    by sfmixpro
    Sound is smooth and clear. Excellent as a mastering EQ. My one suggestion for revision- it's hard to tell where the gain knobs are set which is a problem when trying to get back to a setting. Wish a dB/freq/Q amount would pop up when hovering/adjusting knobs. JFET/VT offers usable coloration choices. Nothing ugly here!