Customer Reviews

  • Super clean EQ

    by Felipe Ortiz
    Really usefull EQ for master bus and group buses. You can push it and always feels good!
  • NSEQ-2 is It..

    by Goldenchild / WM
    Listen let me tell you this plugin is it. The NSEQ-2 should be the first insert on every single track believe me. I did extensive test on countless systems & put it against countless EQ plugs still came out to be the cleanness, and also it keeps the essence of the original sound the most. Other aspects of this plugin that I also love & makes me excited is the high-end.. soo.. smooth and never harsh takes the edge off of any harsh sounds or frequencies Best Best Best EQ. Lastly try putting it on a kick drum, or 808 on it's default setting & listen closely what you will find is that the kick becomes tighter, and the 808 will be more defined don't know how it fully explain it but try it. P.A once again great job.
  • millennia nseq-2 clean eq!

    by studiocorbiere
    je suis fan, trés clean, chirurgical dans la lignée de mes hardware SST-1 et HV-3D, assez subtil, bref j'aime !
  • NSEQ-2

    by Alex Hepting
    You can't go wrong even with very drastically volume changes. NSEQ-2 removes all the clutter very fast. If you want that ultraclean sound which sounds good on everything, go for it. The TCL in conjunction is more a musical instrument. For surgical changes Millenia processors fit the best. I don't even do A/B on these so often because with a bit of playing around it brings everything to the front.
  • Gorgeous and warm

    by AreG
    The Millennia mastering processors are gorgeous to look at and sound likewise. I love the amazing color and warmth they pack. The TCL and NSEQ pretty much changed the way I master and I now use my ears more instead of looking at the meters, knobs and numbers. The NSEQ offers a lot of options and is hence very flexible. Working with electronic music the NSEQ is always the first EQ I reach for - either for color or adjustment, or both.
  • Brilliant and soft sound

    by Shramm Storm
    Just after a five minutes test of a trial version of NSEQ-2, I understood that I can't live without it and I have to buy this stuff :) Extremely clean and brilliant equalizer, which can be used either on mix buss or master without any worries: it's impossible to spoil the sound even with extreme values. Perhaps, it's the best EQ I ever heard. PS. I don't like to praise, but the quality of your plugins just amazing, guys. My deepest respect to you.
  • NS EQ

    by Trailerman
    Beautiful EQ which pretty much matches the EQ on my Origin STT-1 channel. Just totally perplexed why this was not coded for DSP, when the TCL-2 was and pretty much all other PA plugs are. Here's hoping ...
  • A must have EQ

    by mstutchbury
    I love mixing with passive EQ's. On the mix buss they help you not making crazy last minute ideas.This is something else. No matter what you put it on, it brings life into what you thought was already finished.Whether on a master buss or channel, this really works.Try it. Then try the old faithful bypass test. You will be sold.