Customer Reviews

  • As subtle or as wild as you decide

    by Saturn Voyager
    The most beautiful EQ plugin I've tested. I read it was a great musical tool and they were completely right. just one thing: would love to have the little window that shows the value when you turn any knob.
  • NSEQ2 Review

    by Corey Zeya
    This is the warmest EQ I ever head. And the price of using a discount coupon is fantastic. Thant you for your sales and hope you can give us the voucher in near future. I planned to buy a lot of plugins from you if I can get a better discount coupon.
    Thanks, PA.
  • Beautiful

    by Mike B
    This is my go to EQ that brings out what i'm looking for in synth sounds. Pads mainly..smooth. Sometimes I'll add the sub synth on top for real power. Very smooth and subtle EQ.
  • NSEQ-2

    by Alfredo
    It is so different to a others eqs. Sound natural and real, I´m in love. It is not versatile and maybe a one trick pony, because the colour of the sound is very distintive, but in a good way. I´m in love, and more in a master session, really good eq
  • Millenia NSEQ-2

    by TTLangen
    Top 5 eq plugins ever made.
    Shines on everything and gives you that final magic touch. Beautiful and detailed tone combined with M/S and tilt function is superb combination.
  • Can't possibly overdo it

    by Daedalus
    This EQ sounds sweet. It always seems to work and it's basically impossible to overdo. Very gently, very clean-sounding. I often use it on the master to bring out some sheen or "correct" some low midrange.
  • Millennia NSEQ-2

    by Rob Fischer
    Fantastic EQ! Use it on my 2Bus a lot & love it on Vocals!
  • Delicate EQing

    by Alex Picciafuochi
    Equalizer as delicate as silk. I use it especially when I'm mastering Jazz songs or sweetening cymbals
  • My new favorite EQ for stems or the mix buss

    by Mystic
    This EQ has proven itself to be what I've looked for seemingly forever - one that could apply broad EQ changes in the highest "air" ranges, without the results sounding harsh or unnatural, something most EQs completely fail at. The FET mode in particular is what I almost always find myself using. And don't overlook the M/S mode ... I've been using that a lot as well.
    Be aware that the EQ by default is set to a 10db range, which when using a wide Q can be rather subtle ... but is still quite enough for stems or the mix buss. Doubling that range to 20db is an option, although one that I haven't found myself needing to use.
    In short, I absolutely love this plugin. To my ears, it is the very definition of "musical".
  • Sweet Sound

    by Stereotactic
    Sweet sound and very versatile.
    I work only with Soft Synths and most often than not, they tend to be a bit aggressive in the upper mid to high range.
    Ease work for the NSEQ-2, it takes away all the unwanted frequencies without losing the richness of my lead sounds.