Customer Reviews

  • Millennia NSEQ-2 Great EQ

    by MrB
    Millennia NSEQ-2,
    Great and precise Eq,excelent emulation from original hardware,absolute must have on Buses or Master Bus
  • Millennia NSEQ-2

    by jobe2
    Even without many presets, Millennia NSEQ-2 rocks as it adds bonafide low end and pure, full range sonics (both boost & cut).
  • NSEQ-2

    by Howard Rabach
    I've not had this plugin long, but just long enough to try it on some current client projects. Absolutely killer in cleaning up guitar bus tracks, smoothing out crispy drum hits. So far, so awesome.
  • Millenia NSEQ-2

    by Gabriel Alvarez Franchi
    This EQ is simply amazing, I mostly use it for mastering because is pretty clear, I tried in synth tracks and works perfectly. The M/S option is super cool!
  • My precious...

    by Aleksandar P
    I love compressor,I love this EQ- Millenia stuff sound so expensive and transparent;it’s out of this world. Tube or FET,they all work - if I had to choose my desert EQ this would be the one.
  • NSEQ-2

    by J4
    Excellent EQ! Before purchasing the NSEQ-2 I'd always used paragraphic eq's, mostly out of habit as they seemed the easiest to work with. I bought this plugin because it was on sale and am glad I did. It's changed the way I eq tracks in a very pleasant way. I find myself actually using less eq to get more musical results. The m/s capabilties are a great feature, I'm using this on the master buss with excellent results!
  • super

    by sergey
    Wonderful plugin! Warm, soft and very musical!
  • Millenia NSEQ-2 quick review

    by Le Barde
    Pretty happy with this purchase. It definitely sounds great to me as I'm new in the properly analog modeled EQ's.
    It's efficient, clear and pleasant to the ears.
    What I miss though is for example seeing a value indicating the frequency you're actually targeting in the 2 mid bands, and the x10 function in those bands is also not the clearest to work with.
    The GUI design is nice but also the angled view sometimes confuses you about the knob position. But these are small details and most important is how it sounds and I've, so far, been very pleased with it. Definitely recommended especially if you come like me from a big use of fabfilter kind of plugins where the crispiness sounds way to harsh and digital in the end. This sounds a lot nicer, warmer, more pleasant. Feels like going a step forward to real analog hardware devices. Using in as a channel EQ and for mastering.
  • NSEQ-2

    by guy REMY
    Une merveille
  • NSEQ-2

    by timirjan@yandex
    Шикарный плагин!!!