Customer Reviews

  • Millenia NSEQ-2

    by 3dchris
    Best "Mojo" EQ in my arsenal. Period! I have almost all Universal Audio plugins which I find the most "analog" sounding but Millenia NSEQ-2 gives me that beef and punch bringing the sound forward. I almost always use it on snare, guitars, bass and often on drum buss and vocal buss. I'm getting lot's of tracks for mixing that were not recorded in the best possible environment by the best possible engineers (read: lot's of amateur home recordings) and Millenia NSEQ-2 turns them into very pro sounding tracks with no effort. I tried it before I bought it but I knew from the very first use that this plugin is special. Not too many plugins nowadays change the feeling of the recorded material. This one seems to add that 2% of magic that's missing from many home and even pro mixes. Highly recommended!
  • NSEQ-2

    by NSEQ-2
    I really love this plugin. I always loved the hardware, we have one at the Ionian Island studios, and this plugin is so near! Thanks Brainworx!
  • NSEQ-2

    by d3llio
    Very subtle, and amazing EQ. I can hear the tonal difference between the J-Fet and Vacuum tube settings.
  • Millennia NSEQ-2

    by mrwiz2rd9
    I own both of these plugins they are just as good as my Millennia STT-1 I own over 1500 plugin's and these I didn't own. But now I do the price drop down a week after I got mine bummer.
  • Great emulation

    by Deciphered Audio
    Boutique emulation works wonders on stereo buss or tracks
  • wonderfull

    by dilla oniel
    wow this is a wonderful plug-ins love it on my vocals buss
  • NSEQ-2 is Great!

    by 3ee
    Great sounding EQ, cool addition to my master bus!
    I really like that I have the two options for the sound character, subtle, yet effective.
    What I find missing: A solo switch for M/S channels
  • Super clean EQ

    by Felipe Ortiz
    Really usefull EQ for master bus and group buses. You can push it and always feels good!
  • NSEQ-2 is It..

    by Goldenchild / WM
    Listen let me tell you this plugin is it. The NSEQ-2 should be the first insert on every single track believe me. I did extensive test on countless systems & put it against countless EQ plugs still came out to be the cleanness, and also it keeps the essence of the original sound the most. Other aspects of this plugin that I also love & makes me excited is the high-end.. soo.. smooth and never harsh takes the edge off of any harsh sounds or frequencies Best Best Best EQ. Lastly try putting it on a kick drum, or 808 on it's default setting & listen closely what you will find is that the kick becomes tighter, and the 808 will be more defined don't know how it fully explain it but try it. P.A once again great job.
  • millennia nseq-2 clean eq!

    by studiocorbiere
    je suis fan, trés clean, chirurgical dans la lignée de mes hardware SST-1 et HV-3D, assez subtil, bref j'aime !