Customer Reviews

  • Fantastic sound!

    by Musician B.
    I love this drive and bass on my instruments!!! Fantastic plugin. Thanks Plugin Alliance!!
  • Love The Sound

    by jdawg420
    Really love the sound of this plug, but it crashes Logic from time to time.
  • Flava 4 Ya Ear!

    by Mchangani
    This is a great creation for signal enhancement, subtle tweaks and bypass then u realize how effective it is! reading about it wont do it any justice all u need is the demo so u can get what this tool can do! I fell in love within 20 mins of using it and I had to buy it!!
  • Phatness

    by Pharaoh LawLess
    This is probably the most slept on plugin ever! I love this plugin on a drum buss. Talk about a nice phatness it puts on the drums.....WOW. Its like seeing Nicki Minaj in a thong nice phatness!
  • It's awsome

    by sul chung
    I love it
  • Instant favorite!

    by Kevin Sparks
    This thing is like magic on toms, and probably much more
  • Careful with that enhancement, Eugene.

    by Ad
    I've found this useful for subtlely enhancing low bass weight on a few commercial releases, where EQ alone won't do it.
  • Vitalizer MK2-T

    by ricko
    I love this unit, adds clarity and a high end sheen without having to add EQ, pretty amazing and natural sounding.
  • Vitaliser mk2-t

    by Sergo116
    This device has a very nice stereo widening effect, which doesn’t work quite like other similar ones.
  • Vitalizer

    by Jc Manosalva
    Amazing tool for compressing acoustic guitars and Piano, Smooth and clean EQ!