Customer Reviews

  • spl vitalizer

    by leonardkristianto
    good tools for mastering! A++++
  • Genius effect design

    by Impulsound
    The SPL Vitalizer is a unique effect. It brings up the high frequencies like no EQ and like no saturator because it uses both in a very subtile way. Everytime i use it i`m pleasured how this effect brings up different aspects of a whole mix. You cant hear the effect by itself - Its incredible. It improves sound and sonic quality with a few tweaks.I use it for several tasks.1st: When a track sounds good but there isnt enough shine and bottom end simply throw in the Vitalizer and adjust it very subtile - the difference is huge!The bands interact in a mysterious way and that sounds fantastic.2nd: Bass sculpting - test it! i cant describe how this effect improves the sound (specially the bottom End!) of a Bass/Kick and a whole Bass group.3rd: High and Low End attenuation or vice versa.4th: General Improvement of seperate sounds in a mix.What SPL chief designer Wolfgang Neumann developed here is a truly milestone!The Vitalizer is the perfect thing when you need to enhance things in a dimension beyond EQing. It just does something different than you can get with an EQ.