Customer Reviews

  • holy cannoli

    by ggg
    Instantly became part of my master bus template. Fantastic!
  • Essential bass enhancement

    by Thermal
    Whilst I prefer my hardware solid state Vitalizer mk2, this plugin does the bass and stereo enhancement thing well. Turn the bass knob towards Soft and carefully increase the Process level...instant meaty bass! Regular EQ just is not the same.
  • Tightens Things Up

    by Ryan
    When a track feels a bit too saturated or just isn't focused enough,
    this plug really does tighten up the low end and create a certain clarity that's hard to describe. I reach for it when I can't quite put my finger on why a sound isn't punching through, and it often helps. Handy for reigning in guitars, clarifying vocals, and getting more precise bass sounds.
  • Vitalizer MK2-T

    by wylhill
    totally love it ,very versatile plugin
  • It's better the original ...

    by Goodwilly
    Vitalizer - the name contains all the things u should know about this machine :)
  • Lives up to it's name Vital is no exaggeration

    by MixedbyMe
    This is one to live on your mix buss, it imparts a sonic goodness that every track longs for.
  • Spl quality

    by DukeTt
    Sound quality outstanding.
    Adds something quite special to individual sounds need to be aware it can over power if not used sparingly. Bass / drive needs to be used judiciously as can add too much but can really improve certain sounds sources.
    Does what it says definitely recommend to try, especially when on offer !
  • Vitalizer mk2-t

    by TUFF
    I did not think I needed this plugin, even after watching some videos and all the other plugins I had, but decided to try the demo and fell in love, it gives that extra sweetness to tracks when needed, not good for everything but it is fantastic when needed,
  • spl vitalizer

    by leonardkristianto
    good tools for mastering! A++++
  • Genius effect design

    by Impulsound
    The SPL Vitalizer is a unique effect. It brings up the high frequencies like no EQ and like no saturator because it uses both in a very subtile way. Everytime i use it i`m pleasured how this effect brings up different aspects of a whole mix. You cant hear the effect by itself - Its incredible. It improves sound and sonic quality with a few tweaks.I use it for several tasks.1st: When a track sounds good but there isnt enough shine and bottom end simply throw in the Vitalizer and adjust it very subtile - the difference is huge!The bands interact in a mysterious way and that sounds fantastic.2nd: Bass sculpting - test it! i cant describe how this effect improves the sound (specially the bottom End!) of a Bass/Kick and a whole Bass group.3rd: High and Low End attenuation or vice versa.4th: General Improvement of seperate sounds in a mix.What SPL chief designer Wolfgang Neumann developed here is a truly milestone!The Vitalizer is the perfect thing when you need to enhance things in a dimension beyond EQing. It just does something different than you can get with an EQ.