Customer Reviews

  • Vitalizer MK2-T is magic

    by ILME
    Vitalizer MK2-T is really great. Start tweaking the knobs and your tracks will sound so much polished and better. Lush and lavish sound, the perfect touch to vocals, but also on the master buss. One of these must-have plugins, to get the final 10% right.
  • Very useful tool

    by EA
    Very useful tool for the arsenal
  • vitaliser mk2-t

    by Bd lieutenant
    wow!, really love this.
    a bit of a learning curve, subtle use, but very very nice.
    Definitely secret sauce, black opps use.
    If you are unsure or need inspiration, on previous tracks or mixes, ... play with this.
  • Vitalizer MK2-T Magic

    by Brian
    Sutil at first. Really brings out the thump without the gain. High-Low frequency vibrance. Wakes things up
  • Vitalizer MK2-T

    by bpavelmac
    creates good color mix also sounds great on the track, the individual instruments!
  • Incredible Plugin.

    by Juancan
    Easy to use high quality plugin. Stereo knob is just amazing.
  • Secret Tool

    by AreG
    Amazing tool, so smooth and I love the top end on kicks and vocals. The kind of tool to employ when nothing else works (just like Aphex Aural Exciter).
  • Vitalizer MK2-T

    by timirjan@yandex
  • holy cannoli

    by ggg
    Instantly became part of my master bus template. Fantastic!
  • Essential bass enhancement

    by Thermal
    Whilst I prefer my hardware solid state Vitalizer mk2, this plugin does the bass and stereo enhancement thing well. Turn the bass knob towards Soft and carefully increase the Process level...instant meaty bass! Regular EQ just is not the same.