Customer Reviews

  • Awesome on guitars

    by SrC
    The Vitalizer is awesome on stereo guitar tracks. It adds that extra something that a regular EQ cannot attain, and it doesn't add any additional dirt to the track. The stereo width works nicely, and you can easily dial in the right amount and offset it with the output gain. Between this and the Maag EQs, my guitars sound thick and rich without becoming shrill or out of control.
    I like a touch of the Vitalizer on drums as well, it helps get that little extra snap of the snare out, again, without going too heavy.
    A great plugin!
  • Absolute magic

    by N I M B V S
    This plugin is a beaut. If I feel like something needs a touch of character or depth that's just not there, this always manages to make it happen. Great on busses or a submix to add a bit of colour and width as well. Love it.
  • Magnifico

    by Mike Herrera
    La forma en que da vida... simplemente espectacular, comprime y da el sonido deseado en baterías... recomendado.
  • Vitalizer MK2-T

    by KELO
    Every little detail becomes heard in the mix after this brilliantly desingned device/plugin!
  • Vitalizer

    by Mike
    Superb Plugin. Gives you everything you want on a track and nothing you don’t want.
  • Vitalizer

    by Bamboom
    Great plug in, the kind that does not involve EQ ing or compression to get the sound. Great for bringing into the tracks a nice controlled low tone and harmonics. Also nice stereo image control and overall hi end tone into the tracks. Its also low on CPU...Excellent piece of gear!
  • Vitalizer MK2-T

    by Alex Hepting
    Useful EQ/Enhancer for bringing up crucial bits and transients into the best modulation. Just some amount already enhances the audio material perfectly but also over-processing is suitable for some massive stereo effects. Sounds best at the end of an effect chain.
  • Subtle

    This is a really unique plug-in. Does alot of subtle things. It's sitting on every vocal bus I'm mixing currently so it's doing something I like. At the very least check out the demo.
  • Vitalizer MK2-T

    by fileccia billy
    The Vitalizer MK2-T .......Just adds something that's hard to explain. Over all tone can be sculpted, it dose a beautiful kind of polish. Once you put it in a mix or master you will not pull it out.
    ............... Give it a test run I did, and now its on the the race track right behind the bx_masterdesk...................
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thank you. Since bx_masterdesk has a mastering limiter built in, we recommend you use the SPL Vitalizer before the bx_masterdesk plugin.
  • AweSome

    by Edward Selberie
    This plugin is awesome!! And I bought it during sale with my voucher. I am still learning all the specs but the first preset "mastering session start" is awesome. This plugin does remind me of the "Creme" hardware from Tegeler Audio Manufaktur. Just buy it and try out the first preset on your mixes!
    Thanks brain-worx / plugin-alliance.