Customer Reviews

  • Fantastic weapon

    by JackBale
    It is a tool that can easily be your secret weapon if you know how to use it.
  • Fantastic

    by wrathofmaitreya
    Immediately applied the finishing touch I was looking for to a drum bus. A touch on the master can also bring it to life. Watch out though as you can easily overcook it. With great power comes great responsibility!
  • Vitalizer MK2-T

    by Ronny
    Great tool for sweetening subgroups and for the Tom Lord-Alge vocal air trick. Copy the lead vocal track, high pass it to around 8kHz (or to taste), do a full spread with the great widening function in the Vitalizer and mix it in to taste.
  • Why is there a bass mint?

    by Maarten
    I mostly use it on kick drums, bass and such, either to tighten up the low end, or to rough up the low end. Its very surgical and really brings out the detail in the sound, without much hassle. But also on other sounds this thing works wonders to bring out the best of the sound.
  • A handy tool!

    by WarpedBiotic
    Great functionality in a slim and effective interface. Also love the widening effect on this thing.
  • Good plugin

    by BluelagoonStudios
    It's a little dated plugin, if you can have the BlackBox HG2 plugins, this one becomes a little out of range. Used the hardware back then in the 90s, and it was one of the magic boxes. A poor bass, the Vitalizer took care of it. High end that was dull, Vitalizer brought in the sparkle.
  • Just Wow!

    by Saturn Voyager
    If you are looking to this message I want to tell you this plugin is a must have. My low end will never be the same after this and the extra clarity and stereo wide it gives is priceless.
  • Vitalizer MK2-T

    by Peter Indenkämpen
    It took me some time to figure out, how to use it. But if you have problems with too much muddy midrange frequencies like in old "ferro-tape" recordings, this plugin can handle it. It's great for brightening things up along with great bass shaping.
  • Vitalize

    by Satoru
    I love it!
  • Nice low end control tool

    by Elliott S.
    I use the vitalizer almost only to control the low end sometimes on Kick or Bass. Often in addition to subsynth just before it if the original source lacks of the bass/ sub harmonics content.
    Just bring the Mid Hi Tune to 22kHz, and the process between 6-12 depending of the intensity of the effect that you want.
    From there bring the Bass knob to the left and eventually compress a bit to compensate, you'll see how easy it becomes to tighten or loosen your low end.