Customer Reviews

  • GUI small

    by Psysword
    Great plugin too tiny for my 4k monitor. I love the sound and control knobs to shape distortion to perfection but how hard is to increase the GUI size to 150 percent? You can do it Dirk... then I’ll make it 5 stars.
  • Supreme Saturator

    by YAKUL
    I love this PlugIn and mostly use it on bass guitars to get some really grity, dirty and punchy bass for my hardcore an dmetal projects! It always cuts through and it is very versatile in terms of M/S and frequency bands. I did not expect it to be used as a bass distortion at first, but it toatally works great . It is great on a mix- or masterbus, too!
  • Necessary!

    by Pharaoh LawLess
    This plugin is the cherry on top! The pies de resistance! The Mariano Rivera of my master bus! the closer, baby! This plugin is NECESSARY!
  • I really love this one

    by Demious
    I think everyone has come across situation where they need a touch of drive, just a slight edge and the average distortions are way overkill, but saturators just dont cut it. In such cases, this is my go-to tool. From saturating harmonics, to adding just that subtle amount of extra drive, the VSM-3 has just the right controlls to shape that extra detail in the sound.
  • VSM-3

    by Alfredo
    I like a lot this plugin, very usefull for the digital and fake sound from virtual instrument. Just use the VSM-3 and all the digital sound will dissapear. A great trick for give an analog tone to a digital sound
  • Beautiful Sounding Plugin...

    by m2
    ...that's a little hard to see on my 4K monitor. I can't add much to the accolades others have already shared: this plugin is both flexible and sounds fantastic! If we could just increase the size of the interface for my aging eyes, it's a five star effort for sure.
  • VSM-3

    by Sean Fullerton
    Hmmmmm, let me see. $99 vs $7,000.
    I think I'll try this one... thank you, Dirk.
    You're helping to improve my game
    one plugin at a time :)
  • Great Harmonic Generator

    by Alex Picciafuochi
    Excellent to give that slightly dirty harmonic richness to your Mixes or Master Bus
  • vertigo vsm 3

    by krischan
    i like pa plugins but this one is simply unusable because of the gui. and i am old school and only on hd, on a 4k monitor it must be...
    hey, this is 2019...
    this is not to insult anybody but to encourage you to change this.
    cheers, take care
  • Loving this plugin

    by Danny
    This is a beast of a plugin! Just buy it. I mean what it does on individual tracks and the mix bus, hard to find a better sounding saturation plugin. Only had it for about a week and already improving my mixes.