Customer Reviews

  • Great

    by Paul Misty
    Thickness, from subtle to lush vibe. It's a bit unusual to use first. Should read the manual.
  • To Go Tool

    by Der Heine
    I used the Blackbox on my drums/synths or on groups and last but not least on my master very subtile for a more warm mixdown. One negative thing about it: I missed a autogain function or a link function for Volume compensation.
    Best regards from Germany
  • Sooo Goood!!!

    by Mario Aguilera
    You want a sweet saturation, or something that creates an explosion this is your plugin, I use it on my snares to attenuate the transient and make it very pleasant to my ears and is awesome, and of course I use it on my mixbus, the presest are really great!, I find myself using the aggro rock presets on my mixbus and it works 95% of the times without making any tweaks to the knobs, this thing is amazing!!
  • Really amazing

    by Daemon Chills
    I wanted another saturator to pair with Decapitator for sound design, and I think I prefer this although both have great tone. Sounds amazing, and really easy to use.
    Tonally its got loads of shaping options with really amazing detail.

    by Benton
    It does something special to whatever you use it on. I like it for vocals especially and for instrumental 2 tracks. It also makes me wonder how the hardware sounds because this plugin is really special.
  • Love this

    by Digital Industries
    Great plugin, put it in my mastering chain and the effect it gives adds body and a little bit of grittyness to a track. great plugin overall
  • Perfect

    by Neorich7
    This really wows me. I put it on a drum buss and that really made it sound great without ticking that much. This one is of the best plugins I have ever tried and so easy to use. I have could give 7 stars I would do it because this has that beautiful analog sound . Great job!
  • Lo mejor!

    by Mishaja Cut
    Es lo máximo, me encanto. Para un estudiante de producción que recién inicia, tener este gran plugin ayuda demasiado y abre grande posibilidades para poder experimentar. Los AMO!
  • WOW

    by Fortitude
    Got this on sale this morning and have just quickly added it to a master chain of a track I have in progress and HOLY SH*T. The sheen this gives is just superb. Fills out the mix and adds a wonderful crispness.
    Seriously impressed and can't wait to see what else it can do!
  • Awesome Saturator

    by Alexey Soloviev
    Black Box Analog Design HG-2 is a wonderful saturator i always use it on drums, bass, vocals as parallel saturation to add body to the instruments and make my mixes sound fuller.