Customer Reviews

  • Amazing

    by Dave T
  • Awesome plugin

    by D fichna
    Excellent saturation plugin, works wonders on drums.
  • Top

    by Rawme
  • believe the hype

    by Gerhard Schoener
    easy to precisely dial in - versatile and beautiful saturation.
  • Black Box Analog Design

    by Following Light
    Incredible saturator, this is one of the best saturations in the VSTi world !
  • Black Box Analog Design

    by Max KLM
    Incredible saturator. For any instruments, for any signals.
  • When I use it

    by Herbiarz
    Really good plugin, one of my most useful saturators, sits on everything. Bass, kick, snare, main melody instrument.
  • Time-saver in a nutshell

    by Rosetree
    After I bought it and actually started using it in my mixes, I realized that this plugin is actually a time-saver.
    If I have a certain tone I'm going for, I put it in the first slot of my chain and shape the tone so that it gets close to what I have in my head.
    Then, the ensuing eqing and compressing becomes a much easier task because the sound it pretty much there already.
    I realized that most of my sound sculpting was actually going for certain tones with overtones and this things makes the process a breeze.
    Of course, the unit sounds good to begin with, but mixing will be more intuitive from now on and that is what I probably would appreciate the most about owing this one.
    Way to go!
  • My go to in Buses

    by Saturn Voyager
    This is one of the most delicious saturations I´ve tried, It´s giving me so good results in all my mixes. this is with no doubt a classic
  • Awesome

    by Delfion
    I use it everywhere! It’s like magic