Customer Reviews

  • 干净

    by 骞尧
    如果觉得SSL 4000味道比较浓,不妨考虑用9000J.
  • Wow!

    by Mac
    I tried this on a mix and it simplified my workflow and gave depth to my mix. Absolutely in love with this plugin.
  • SSL 9000J

    by Martox
    The best ssl plug-in that I know!!
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thanks a lot Martox!
  • SSL 9000 J

    by Bredd Loaf
    The bx_console SSL 9000 J sounds so good and is so fun to use in a mix that it may soon upgrade my status from Customer Reviewer to Industry Reviewer... if only it came with a "don't be so lazy, Loaf!" button and I could guarantee that statement 100%.
  • Sounds great and very musical !!

    by YiggaP
    I actually won this plugin on a Warren Huart / Plugin Alliance's giveaway and I was super happy when I did! I mixed a whole song with the plugin on every channel. I'm still beginning at mixing so it's hard for me to judge but I really liked the results and everything is musical, the added THD is super nice, the TMT so you have different channels everywhere too. I achieved a good mix with it so great plugin !!! And I started to purchase a few other plugins from PA, THANK YOU SO MUCH and great work!
  • The J

    by @Doctaj54
    Never thought the highend would as open and smooth.
  • SSL 9000 J

    by RodMarant
    La SSL de Brainworx destaca sobre el resto de simulaciones de otras marcas, pero la SSL 9000 J marca una diferencia notable. Tus oídos no te engañaran.
    Plugin Alliance response
    ¡Muchas gracias!
  • bx_console SSL 9000 J

    by BlufireFPO
    I'm not the first person to run out and cop the latest plugin, not am I the first person to run and write a review. However I must give credit where credit is due.
    This is my new found swiss army knife! It took me about a week to finally start hearing and feeling the artistry that is embodied in this plugin. Sure you can hear immediate results when you turn a know or press a button. The real magic is when you start to understand "where" and "when" to use it. Know your music, know your tools. This one speaks for itself.
  • SSL 9000j

    by ticklefingers
    I am blown away by this plugin! Very sweet comp, warm and musical eq.. plus low latency and easy on CPU. Miraculous on solo piano. Can’t recommend enough! Bravo guys!
  • All Purpose Console

    by StevenK
    I love all the bx_consoles. It is easy to achieve good results - the EQs are musical and the dynamic section interacts nicely. TMT generates this openness only few channel strip plugins achieve.
    The J-console is smoother and cleaner compared to the other SSL emulations of Brainworx and it is very versatile. The routing possibilities are great - I esp. like the option to put the (great!) filters before/after the EQ. (Setting them before eliminates frequencies without interfering with EQ results afterwards.) The EQ is so versatile! On High and Low you can use shelf or bell, the frequency range of the full parametric two bands can be multiplied / divided by three. Two different models for shaping (E/G) etc. It has a great sounding compressor with very pleasing shaping characteristics - although I dislike the SSL auto gain - compression always leads to a louder track, so you have to adjust with the fader in order to be able to judge. (I guess this is the console behavior, so it has to be part of a good emulation.)
    The J-series plugin is great for all instruments. It is a working horse, perfect or any application. Since I bought it, it is my go-to SSL channel. Love it.