Customer Reviews

  • Punchy and rich SSL sound!

    by Ken Nana (MIKNNA)
    Just dropping the 9000 J on every track and randomizing the TMT channels instantly gave me a real SSL console sound. The EQ sounds big and round with bass and kick sounds, and it makes vocals sound expensive. Working with channel strips helps improve my workflow and get to where I want to be a lot quicker with out having to load multiple plugins. This is a must have in your arsenal.
  • SSL 9000 J

    by idreaminstereo
    This is the one! With the addition of the mix and high pass functionality in the compressor section coupled with automatic make up gain THIS IS THE ONE!
  • SSL 9000J

    by L Schefman
    I've used the 9000J hardware console, however, it was long enough ago that I can't directly compare the plugin to the hardware. What I can say is that the plugin sounds great, and I love using it.
    Even with the dynamics bypassed, and without EQ, it enriches the signal nicely. The stereo spread seems wider, and the TMT makes a mix sound more like hardware.
    I create and produce music for TV ads. I also deploy the bx Focusrite and Lindell 80, depending on musical objectives.
  • SSL J9000

    by SwampRaga
    I recently demoed and purchased the SSL J9000 plug-in on sale, i was hoping that it might sound better than the waves ssl 4000 channel plug that I have been a longtime user of... I was never unhappy with the waves ssl plug, but i was curious about the PA J9000 and excited that a company was finally modeling this series of SSL consoles. I can honestly say this plug-in delivers!
    The first awesome thing I noticed with this plugin is that i can dig into the EQ like i might on a console, when applying heavy boosts, the plugin seemed to be adding saturation rather than artifacts, and in a very familiar way...i also love the mix and side chain HPF controls on the comp section.
    I have not had this plug long, just a couple weeks, and I look forward to getting deeper into the plug-in specific fracture and all it can do... but i’m not looking back, this plugin is superior to all other SSL emulations i’ve heard, hands down.
    It would be nice if the EQ could display its trace in the PT mix window, but that goes for most EQ plug-ins at this point...maybe on an update? :)
  • bx_console SSL 9000J

    by jblamont
    This plugin is amazing. I love the SSL 4000 series of plugins that Brainworx created. They make your tracks sound huge, clean yet add a much needed grit and saturation that really brings out the character of the mix. The SSL 9000J still lets you get that slamming compression but seems cleaner, more polished with extended high and low end. It makes it perfect for mixing
    any style of music especially Pop and Hip Hop. Killer plugin!!! These emulations just keep getting better!
  • bx_console SSL 9000 J

    by SpenceGabor
    Whether it's soft-clipping/limiting, it what you'd like. This plugin is marvelous as a channel or sitting on the master buss.
  • I'm convinced

    by Steve
    I didn't expect to like the SSL 9000 J so much more than the 4000E/G series, but the difference is stunning. The extended frequency range adds incredible openness to the sound & the TMT feature is the real deal (try channel 38 on guitars).
    Definitely worth the cost, especially if you want a plugin that can add real vibe to your tracks.
  • bx_console SSL 9000J

    by Kudos LoKey
    The SSL 9000J has become my go to channel strip because of the power and control to tone shape, sweeten, carve out, bring to life or place behind. The EQ section is robust and comprehensive, the filters are incredibly smooth and forgiving and the dynamics are so easy to use which can offer transparent control or radical dynamic colouring. Whether I am working on deep bass music, experimental dance music, folk music and everything between, I most often reach for the SSL 9000J.
  • SSL 9k J

    by Yvan Bing
    Very impressive as I am used to by now with brainworx plugins. What stroke me immediately is how accurate the nonlinearity of the eq gain is. It really brings back the feeling of the original. The punchiness of the dynamic section... spot on!
  • My favourite Channel Strip

    by Charles-Émile
    I really love the 9000J it does what it needs to do, it sounds great, easy to use, it's clear and deep but still has a sound. I do most of my mixes now with mainly this plugin and I just sparkle some other stuff over, but I don,t need much more than this.