Customer Reviews

  • BX_Console SSL 9000 J

    by MarTeeN
    One of the best SSL emulations out there and very easy to work with thanks to it's resizable and well layed out GUI. The Eq sounds just as it should, forward and punchy, and the compressor with it's added features not found in the original are a very welcome addition.
    The only slight qualm I have is that the Odb headroom doesn't match that of most DAWS's 0 reference since the input of the channel strip is way too hot! I record most of my tracks peaking at -6 db headroom and the input is already distorting at it's 0db starting point and if the compressor is engaged, it starts to slam even before I start adjusting the threshold! I wish the 0db headroom could be adjusted without necessarily going to the trim. Another thing I don't care for much is the Gate section which is a little dated compared to what's expected today.
    Other than that, ti's one of the best SSL emulations bar none, even better than the previous E and G Series from Brainworx itself!
  • SSL 9000 J

    by Cstyle
    I have the other SSL channel strips, but the 9000 J has a sound of it's own. And it sounds awesome to my ears. Don't take my word for it, try the demo and then you'll more than likely purchase it. It sounds that good.
  • bx_console SSL 9000 J

    by TONY VEE
    I've been using the bx_console SSL 9000 J everyday as my go to for tracking and etc..GREAT PLUGIN'!!!!
  • 9000 wows,

    by Blacksmith Studio
    One of the best sounding EQs on the market. But wait till you get your hands and the compressor! Man this thing punches the hell of my drums mixes! Thanks PA!
  • plugins

    by seredinschi
    I bought a lot of Alliance' plugins.....but SSL 9000 is Top....precise and concise....I like to use it on master for colour....fantastic !!!!
  • SSL9000 J

    by Jean R. Dedieu
    As a producer and sound designer I have been well impressed by this SSL9000 J plug in. I own most of the alternative SSL plug in available on the market and this has been the best so far. Great for my location based recording kit. Great for precise adjustments. Easy to use if you previously had experience with the ssl hardware. I couldn’t find many major differences between this and the hardware. It’s a good addition for any sound engineer who doesn’t have the space and resources to purchase the real hardware.
  • 9000 J

    by Robert LB Dorsey
    4.8 stars! I think I know the 9000 as good as anyone in this industry. I grew up on that console. I also grew up on the E and the G and the G+ with ultimation. I always thought the 9000 was a million times better on ANY genre of music, not only the sound but the EQ's were more musical. The recall and automation was better. The pre's were better. Even the small fader automation for panning was better. All of the BX SSL channel strips operate just like real SSL's & even sound a bit like them. But the 9000 Bx strip REALLY acts like the console. The compressor is like a real J where the 0 is not zero and the filters and gate/expanders are just like the actual console too...they detailed it to the point of keeping the inaccuracies that came with it. I love the mix knob which is a plugin addition and the load on the processor is minimal. It's one of those plugins you can put on the first slot of every channel, then proceed as usual. Great job altho I think Dirk should have consulted with me too lol. I have had to recover & save missing automation passes, tricks to get around bad fader motors, console module swapping, the macros, fader cal & the computer, dealing with "offline trim"... If you know the console, you know what I am talking about (thanks Ben Holt & Tony Maz for the training) Good Job PA! It was a very much needed and appreciated channel strip.
  • bx_console SSL 9000J review

    by Tenny
    Anything one says about it is less. Just download the trial version and experience it yourself. I have worked on various SSL consoles in my 20 years career till date as a mixing mastering engineer. This emulation plug in definitely feels like the console and helps us to get that SSL sound quickly. The V gain (harmonic generator) and the TMT channel emulation makes this stand out as the SSL 9000 series emulation. An absolute "must have" in your DAW, if you like the SSL sound. This is quite a complete SSL plug in with switchable E and G series EQs. Go for it with your eyes closed......
  • SSL 9000 J, there’s that low end!!!

    by Kyle Lay g
    I made the switch from Waves to Brainworx SSL channel strips. I have not looked back! The SSL 9000 J tops them all. Especially for rap and hip hop in my opinion. I get the “smile” I’ve been wanting. The added features with the TMT only further expand your capabilities. I love this plugin and have used it on every mix since I purchased!! Thanks guys. Keep up the great work.
  • Great Channel Strip

    by frank brunier
    I got the SSL 9000 J channel some time ago and been using it ever since in a lot of post-pro sessions (mainly VO tracks) and music productions for tv. A very versatile channel strip… gets me the results quick and in excellent quality.
    On my master bus it glues things together nicely, too.
    Thanks, PA, for another great plugin!