Customer Reviews

  • Outstanding!!

    by Gabealicious
    I am in love with many PA plugins, many of them from Brainworx. But this one... Incredible. It does something magical to the sound just having it in the signal chain that I have not experienced from any other plugin. And then you start turning knobs, and it just gets better. This literally goes on *every* track now. It's CPU-efficient enough to track with on multiple channels, i.e. drums (with a reasonably fast PC).
    It is one of the most expensive plugins on PA, but for me it is worth every penny and then some. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Get this.
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  • SSL9000j

    by Dee
    It’s sounds just like the 9000 I mix on in the studio.
    I can finally consider mixing in the box.
  • User can not reduce noise entirely

    by Miles
    Users could control noise with 4000E and 4000G.
    Users could reduce noise even entirely.
    But I can not reduce noise entirely with 9000J.
    So this plugin makes sound a little thick and stuffy and dry.
    If you want anticipate really light, wet, silky, clear and transparent sound, you may be disappointed in 9000J.
  • A Muscular Beast

    by mightywarsaw
    I demoed this plugin right once it came out and soon bought it. Whether it is just for the TMT technology or for its amazing tonal capabilities, this plugin now permanently lives in my mixing template. 15/10 would recommend!
  • SSL 9000 J console

    by Palancar
    I've been playing around with Brainworx and Plugin Alliance products for some time now. All are universally good products, but I never found a must-have go-to plugin in the lot: until now.
    The SSL 9000 J plugin is brilliant. It's a very strong model of an excellent desk and so it of course sounds very good. Strong EQ and dynamics capabilities, easily the equal of the other SSL 9000 emulations out there, including Brainworx's own.
    But that's not the killer feature. Brainworx didn't just model a channel - they modeled the whole desk. Each channel was separately analyzed and produces a subtly different sound character. When you bring them all together it sounds like an SSL console, which is to say, simply magnificent.
    To use this plugin effectively, put it on every channel in your mix, on a different virtual channel of the desk, just as if you were sending the entire mix through the real hardware desk. And then A/B the results.
    I think you'll be impressed.
  • SSL9000J Plugin

    by Robert H Alzapiedi
    Now that college classes are over for the semester, I will have plenty of time to continue to work with the SSL9000J plugin on my various tracks that I have along with my own recordings to make them sound great.
    I have used it just briefly on one song and I love the results. Now, I will have more time to use it.
  • SSL 9000 J

    by Little Cloud
    My go to for male vocals from now on..I have spent the whole day pulling out old mixes so I can use this puppy. It just nailed all the vocal parts that Ive been doing recently. I often use Pro Audios DSP DSM v3 in my vocal chain because it punches stuff into the front, so I used them both together with the 9000 J up front on my main vocal stem, and it sat PERFECTLY straight away. Fantastic, and I get it for a rediculous amount per month THANK YOU BRAIN WORX :-)
  • Unbelievable

    by Phil the R
    I read all the reviews by others, but I didn't know how true it was until I bought it and tried it on one of my mixes. It opened up my mix like "Wow!" This console is incredible. Hearing in believing. I say get it and you will not regret it!!!
  • A new era has begun!

    by MACHINE
    This is it!!! Perfect balance between VIBE & Precision. A mixer's dream. Thank you sooo much PA!
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    Thanks and enjoy!
  • SOLD

    by Eric
    The hardware 9000 J was my favorite SSL. Changes made in the EQ, since the 4000s, were really perfect for mixing RnB, Hip Hop, etc. The highs and mids were open and less aggressive and the low end was wonderfully extended.
    The bx 9000 J Console Plugin, impressively emulates this analog mix masterpiece to a T. Engineer angels must be in heaven applauding with me. I put it on every channel of the mix, with TMT, THD, V Gain, etc., Sold.