Customer Reviews

  • SSL 9000 J is just...WWWOOOOOOOOWWWWWW

    by Aaron ETRNL
    Just read the subject line...that is all.
    If your thinking twice...go with whichever thought tells you to get it, you won't be disappointed.
  • In Your Face Sound

    by Alexey Soloviev
    Love bx_console SSL 9000 J a lot and use in most of my mixes it helps me to create solid and "In Your Face Sound" very punchy sound for drums and other instruments. Really awesome and must have plugin.
  • Amazing Feel

    by Ssl 9000
    I worked once on a real SSL and the feel and sound of BX console 9000 is so close! What a sound! Thanks Brainworx
  • Really nice !

    by Rauno /MixFinland
    I´m producer from Finland (land of ice and snow). I really like this fantastic sounding channel. I have worked with SSL 4000+ desk and this plugin always reminds me of how puncy and warm sound can be. It have very light cpu usage and it is intuitive work with.
    "Let's make world sound better"
  • Amazing

    by Dave T
    I love this one its basically on every track
  • Top draw swiss-army knife solution for almost everything...

    by kissysellout
    All all the PA plug-ins that have decimated my bank balance this year, this is an all-in-one work-horse style processing solution that I definitely couldn't live without now.
    Key things to know:
    -- The compressor is just fantastic here - the absence of a dry/wet knob on other SSL emulations made it hard to justify not using a more versatile and forgiving compressor instead, but with the 9000J's parallel blending option, I find you can use this compressor for all sorts of things. It's actually quite easy to get carried away and put this on everything filling your mixdown with so many transient peaks it's like tossing about a bag of screw-drivers by the time you think you're finished!
    -- You'll need to read the manual a few times over to get your bearings with this - the features might look very similar to the other SSL strips out there, but there's certainly some nuances to this one which it's easy to skip over, and then get a bit confused by later.
    -- Whilst the volume of the low-level analogue hiss/noise that has been built-in to this plug-in is adjustable on each instance, this noise is a permanent feature which can't just be switched off by default. This means you have to get used to gating it out each time you load the plug-in up, which is actually something that brainworx suggest in the manual. This is an interesting decision by brainworx because it means that gating samples and instruments suddenly becomes something I have to do on every single channel now, rather than being something I'd only use if a recording really needed it.
    -- Wanna throw caution to the wind and not gate out the hiss each time? Well good luck to ya, but your mix will be swimming in background white noise very quickly if you ignore it.
    -- The THD dial is more delicate than I expected. I guess I was hoping it would provide a some soft clipping options, but it's more of a straight "lite" saturation feature instead.
    -- The tiny LED buttons aren't just there to look pretty, they are such important core features of the plug-in that it's almost a bit eccentric of brainworx to make them so damn small!? I use them more than I ever touch the EQ dials to be honest. First thing I always do upon inserting an instance, is to immediately turn on the "fast release" on the Gate - the attack on that kick-ass snare you're working on will be muffled and muted otherwise.
    -- A global option to apply oversampling (as with the Lindell 80 Series), and a clipper would really top this off as my favourite plugin ever, so some room for improvement I reckon, but this is a good candidate for your next plug-in investment for sure.
  • Impressive

    by Josh Berrios
    The cherry of my sound.
  • The King of Kings

    by Luke Mornay
    Big Fan of the SSL sound, I always wanted to have an emulation that would give that unmistakable sound when shaping sounds or mixes. The Dynamics section on the 9000J is simply out of this world. I own all the BX Consoles, very good stuff, but in some cases the 9000 J will put a drastic end to all sound mutineries attempts.
  • Great presets

    by Schoeps where are you
    I don't often feel compelled to write a review but this plugin sounds f*cking incredible.
  • Enamorado

    by XDØSE
    Déjate de llevar , mueve y ajusta un poco las perillas y colocas el sonido donde tiene que estar en la mezcla , lo que tiene de bueno una consola como está , es que te obliga a escuchar la música más que en fijarte en los medidores o en el spectograma y eso hace que tomes unas decisiones en mi humilde opinión más acertadas en la mayoría de casos.
    Ya si hubieran puesto las curvas del equalizador del G hubiera sido la guinda del pastel.