Customer Reviews

  • A new whole sound universe

    by Saturn Voyager
    I bought this one to have a good alternative to my beautiful warm Focusrite Console, and this one it a whole new universe of sounding capabilities. It gives me that punch I always wanted and it's Gate section is a little tricky but for me there is the real secret of this beautiful console.
  • 干净

    by 骞尧
    如果觉得SSL 4000味道比较浓,不妨考虑用9000J.
  • Wow!

    by Mac
    I tried this on a mix and it simplified my workflow and gave depth to my mix. Absolutely in love with this plugin.
  • SSL 9000J

    by Martox
    The best ssl plug-in that I know!!
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thanks a lot Martox!
  • SSL 9000 J

    by Bredd Loaf
    The bx_console SSL 9000 J sounds so good and is so fun to use in a mix that it may soon upgrade my status from Customer Reviewer to Industry Reviewer... if only it came with a "don't be so lazy, Loaf!" button and I could guarantee that statement 100%.
  • Sounds great and very musical !!

    by YiggaP
    I actually won this plugin on a Warren Huart / Plugin Alliance's giveaway and I was super happy when I did! I mixed a whole song with the plugin on every channel. I'm still beginning at mixing so it's hard for me to judge but I really liked the results and everything is musical, the added THD is super nice, the TMT so you have different channels everywhere too. I achieved a good mix with it so great plugin !!! And I started to purchase a few other plugins from PA, THANK YOU SO MUCH and great work!
  • The J

    by @Doctaj54
    Never thought the highend would as open and smooth.
  • SSL 9000 J

    by RodMarant
    La SSL de Brainworx destaca sobre el resto de simulaciones de otras marcas, pero la SSL 9000 J marca una diferencia notable. Tus oídos no te engañaran.
    Plugin Alliance response
    ¡Muchas gracias!
  • bx_console SSL 9000 J

    by BlufireFPO
    I'm not the first person to run out and cop the latest plugin, not am I the first person to run and write a review. However I must give credit where credit is due.
    This is my new found swiss army knife! It took me about a week to finally start hearing and feeling the artistry that is embodied in this plugin. Sure you can hear immediate results when you turn a know or press a button. The real magic is when you start to understand "where" and "when" to use it. Know your music, know your tools. This one speaks for itself.
  • SSL 9000j

    by ticklefingers
    I am blown away by this plugin! Very sweet comp, warm and musical eq.. plus low latency and easy on CPU. Miraculous on solo piano. Can’t recommend enough! Bravo guys!