Customer Reviews

  • Great sounding strip

    by MS
    Another great sounding desk strip from PA. Different enough from AMEK 9099 and Lindell 50 to be worth joining them in my toolbox.
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thank you and enjoy your sessions!
  • Ssl 9000j

    by Bangu BW
    I have been using the E&G. Just recently bought the 9000j and it's the best decision I have made in awhile. My mixes have been missing something that I couldn't put my finger to until I tried the demo. I had to buy it asap
  • ssl 9000J

    by Chris
    Can't wait to try this one!
  • Really, really happy with this plugin

    by Ettienne Lane
    In all honesty, I am a 4000E fan and I have been using a plugin emulation for the last 5 years on literally everything.
    I was satisfied and wasn't expecting the 9000J to be much different but oh boy was I wrong...
    Don't get me wrong, the 4000E is and always will be great.
    The thing is just that I can get the very specific sound I am after with the 9000J on it's own which is such a time saver. It's all about the EQ curves, which makes it easy. 4 click-and-drags and I'm there within seconds.
    The compressor is really great as well.
    In the past I had to run a bunch of EQs on the track inserts as well as parallel processing just to get me THERE.
    I didn't understand all the hype around this desk but I do now.
    Thanks Brainworx. Rock on!
  • Another Plateau

    by congalocke
    Exported all tracks on a 50+ track mix using SSL 9000j and the change was obvious to me. Even the Mrs, (without solicitation) said that the mix sounded clearer and bigger.
    Like covering the face of a bill, (stereo field) with tracks the size of dimes instead of quarters.
    Thank you Brainworx/Plugin Alliance
  • SSL900J

    by Keith
    Leider kann man nicht seine Füße auf die 150.000$ Konsole legen .
    Aber sonst ist alles gut . Und gute Musik wird noch besser !
  • High-End-Sound

    by D_Jey_Age
    Tja - was soll ich sagen - hab nie mit so einem Teil in echt gearbeitet - der Sound: SPITZENKLASSE - besonders der Hi-EQ und der ebenso der Bass-EQ hat einfach das gewisse "Etwas" - was das auch immer ist - es klingt einfach besser damit - ich schiebe dieses PlugIn häufig an den Anfang meiner Mastering-Kette - und nutze diese EQs ... Die Bedienung ist für mich nicht gaz so intuitiv wie bei dem Spitzen-Plugin bx-console N - aber das liegt wohl daran, dass ich mit diese Riesen-Consolen nie in der Wirklichkeit gearbeitet habe. Was ich mir wünschen würde für alle Consolen-Plug-Ins = mehr voreingestellte Programme - bei der Console N sind mehr und für mich persönlich bessere Programme vorinstalliert - hier bei der SSL 9000J fehlt mir das ein oder andere - und da ich kein Tontechniker bin würde mir das sehr helfen ... Danke im Vorraus ;-) :-)
  • SSL 9000 J is just...WWWOOOOOOOOWWWWWW

    by Aaron ETRNL
    Just read the subject line...that is all.
    If your thinking twice...go with whichever thought tells you to get it, you won't be disappointed.
  • In Your Face Sound

    by Alexey Soloviev
    Love bx_console SSL 9000 J a lot and use in most of my mixes it helps me to create solid and "In Your Face Sound" very punchy sound for drums and other instruments. Really awesome and must have plugin.
  • Amazing Feel

    by Ssl 9000
    I worked once on a real SSL and the feel and sound of BX console 9000 is so close! What a sound! Thanks Brainworx