Customer Reviews

  • bx__XL V2

    by Ezzy
    Incredible plug! Been using it for about half a year now on the majority of my work. Always makes the low end so much clearer in my opinion. All of the bx stuff is great but this is an absolute favorite of mine!
  • bx_XL V2

    by Peter Indenkämpen
    I have so much fun with this one. If you push it reasonably, it gives you the perfect sound. The controls are so intuitive...
    If you push it too hard, it will raise the very low frequencies below 20Hz. But some people love it that way...
  • Essential

    by Dangerous Orange
    I love this plugin. Its been an essential part of my mastering chain for a few years now.
  • wow!

    by spbmac
    Just followed the steps from the demo video to see what I could really get from this plugin "in under 10 minutes"--it really is that easy to get to a great, clean, and full sound at master level volume while still keeping excellent dynamic range that quickly! Having all the meters and soloing options to help work out the final mastering details all in one UI is also timesaving!! Love the sound! Great job Brainworx/Plugin Alliance!!
  • every single mix

    by electrospy
    Since using this plug-in for the first time i have it on every template i start from. it is quite simply the best m/s limiter out there. i have a safesound stereo toolbox on my hardware master bus and BX_XL_V2 on the software bus. this is every bit as characterful as the safesound, and adds something more, if that's possible. if you buy one PA plug-in make it this one. 100%
  • Great value

    by B. van kaa
    Good sounding limiter, great functionality. The M/S limiter and saturation workflow can be really useful. I suspect it's a bit prone to aliasing.
  • wow

    by weet
    amazing work on the low end and clarity. a must have. don't know why i have not heard it earlier.
    definetely a bargain.
    waiting for a voucher on pluginalliance for my next purchase.
  • Great Flexible Limiter

    by Rob Ryda
    This is one of the best limiters I've come across so far. I love the flexibility and the M/S modes. However it isn't easy to understand how to operate the sidechain mode correctly. I suggest reading the manual over and over again and to try right away. I love the fact that I can limit several times and manipulate the side signal limiting as well. Great product!
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thanks! Yes, this is a rather PRO approach at limiting, so not the easiest plugin to dial in. Once you have used it a few times though you will be able to control your dynamics like with no other limiter really. Enjoy and thanks for the feedback!
  • Just wonderfully subtle

    by Niko
    That's all I can say, really. You can smash the crap out of your mixes with it too, if that's your thing though.
  • Don’t look past this gem

    by D. Puzia
    I like the layout a lot! It took one mix for me to get the handle on it and once I did the results are great! I had one song that every time I tried to master it it never sounded right to me until this beast came along. The sound quality is pristine if you need it, but also has some great saturation when you need it as well. I love being able to work and blend the sides with the middle giving the mix more thickness when needed. Glad that I added it!