Customer Reviews

  • Bx_xl V2

    by Sminge
    This is the new goto limiter for me. I have uset quite a few over the years, but this one is just better! It is the possibility to work with the stereo-image that makes a huge difference. Try it and you will agree.
  • BX XL V2

    by Cesar
    Wow this Plugin is awesome I’m so glad I got it
  • bx_XL V2

    by Sio
    I've been to hundreds of mastering sessions over the years, and I've had the privilege to watch some of the best mastering engineers in the world do their work. There is always something special about how they get the imaging, how their masters always seem to sound bigger, wider, clearer and more "around" you. Clearly, there are a lot of techniques and it takes decades of mastering to really get to that level. One thing that I learned over the years, something that all of the top engineers really understand, is the mid-side relationship and how to treat them in subtly different ways to make a mix shine. The bx_XL V2 takes some time to get used to, and you'll find that you need to be real gentle with it. But once you start understanding how to use it, you'll start to hear and feel that size, depth and clarity that the pros get. If you want a professional finished recording, I still believe you need to have a pro master it, but the bx_XL V2 really helps you get things sounding fantastic and a lot closer to how a top level recording should sound. Kudos Brainworx!
  • Brainworx bx_XL V2

    by DmitryMOR
    Work very well
  • XL v2

    by Sidney T.
    The XL v2 is a very powerful mid/side limiter that allows you to get the volume that you want or need while keeping your mix transparency! It is very easy to use and the XL v2 quickly became my go to plugin for mid/side processing and loudness!
  • Presets

    by Razorap
    Simply Awesome Easy to use with great results
  • Great Tool

    by Richard
    I Put it on every master. Great tool! Just try the demo
  • not what I expected

    by TUFF
    I didn't like this plugin that much, the features are amazing, but it takes so long for it to get the level that I want and does not get as loud compared to other limiters, it also does not have true peak limiting which is a plus to have these days, I guess it needs an updated version, maybe I would have to spend a lot more time with it ,
  • bx_XL V2 + bx Subfilter

    by Norbert????
    Hallo Support Team,
    both Plugins are very good. I work every day with them. what you meam with ALIAS?
    Best Regards
  • bx_XL V2 - Amazing Limiter

    by JimGramze
    The bx_XL V2 Limiter is simply amazing. Basically I've finally found my mastering limiter. There are three bands of limiting: Mid-Lo, Mid-Hi, and side. Obviously this Mid/Side action separates the bottom end so the lowest end does not effect limiting above the bass and kick. The saturation on the three bands is exceptional, and the novice will mistake these for EQ because they are smooth throughout their entire range. Included here is bass centering, Brainworx inimitable Mono Maker technology.
    It sounds so very good it has to be experienced to be appreciated. I have never found it so easy to make the bass well defined in the mix. I have said online that "This is the god I've been waiting to worship." It's pretty much that good.
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thank you Jim! Much appreciated.