Customer Reviews

  • bx_XL V2

    by Subterranean Howl Studios
    The XL is the plugin that brought my to brainworx/pluginaliance in the first place. The concept of MS was new to me at the time and so intriguing. I've had other mastering limiters before and since but nothing changes my mind and I end up using the bx_XL on all of my mixes and masters. Enhancing harmonics and controlling volume and compression in MS as well as being able to treat bass frequencies separately makes the XL the mastering plugin for all others to measure up to. And don't forget to try XL on all of your group stereo busses. I especially love it on guitars, strings, and synths, but it can do wonders for any stereo signal.
  • Mastering tool

    by Alex Hepting
    On the xl v2 there is plenty of control for lower, mid and high bands. This could not only be used for mastering but also some creative applications. Usually mixing engineers struggle to get the low end right. With xl v2 you already can avoid clipping on low end which take away most of errors while pushing the mix forward and even preserves more headspace while mixing stems.
  • Top !

    by JJBOT
    Je cherchais un plugin qui me permettrait de sonner fort sans provoquer de distorsion. Je suis satisfait du résultat, ce limiteur complet propose un ensemble d'outils permettant de sculpter le son afin d'atteindre le meilleur compromis entre la puissance et la clarté.
  • Bx_xl V2

    by martinitou
    As a mastering tool, or for the master bus on your mix, this plug-in is interesting. I don´t like the limiter module very much, though. I think it would be better to have the typical Out Ceiling and Threshold faders, with the possibility of turning them down together to hear the effect without the volume boost. I bought this plug-in thinking that maybe I don´t need to spend so much on a Fabfilter Pro-L but Im not fully satisfied. The other part of the plug-in is the most interesting. The bands separation and the XL effect is cool. Also the "make mono" feature.
    However, Brainworx need to read this. This plug-in is quite CPU demanding, specially it´s GRAPHIC INTERFACE which is pretty silly... It keeps making my DAW stop playback due to CPU overload. This really sucks! Also, everytime I close my DAW, it crashes, and a maxOS display an error message about Bx_xl crashing... I use a fully equipped macbook pro, i7, 16GB Ram, with SSD.
  • mastering

    by Terry
    For once I have confidence that I will be able to master my projects myself. You have to study this plugin to get great results; but it saves a lot of money from paying mastering labs.
  • Surgical M/S

    by e-Paul
    I am still learning about M/S processing and developing the skills that will allow me to use it intuitively. XL v2 allows me to surgically get the most “loudness”, clarity and presence out of my tracks without sacrificing my precious dynamic range. Armed with this and the Elysia Alpha compressor I am leveraging M/S for the best results.
  • Great tone

    by Dotters
    Been using this on all my masters since buying it. Tried the demo for about 30 minutes before deciding I need this. It's not colourless, but rather has a great analogue style tone that instantly makes your masters sound more "pro". The midside capabilities are perfect for adding perceived width without resorting to cheap widening tricks. My favorite thing however is the ability to treat the low frequencies separately – a feature that has allowed me to save the low end while getting the perceived volume desired on cleaner style house tracks. The XL feature added just the right amount of complexity and saturation to a country master I recently did as well.
    All around, SUPER versatile plug that imparts its own, highly desirable tone.
  • bx xl v 2

    by studiocorbiere
    très bon plug, pour un travail précis des dynamiques en M/S, ajoute un plus bien réel.
    il apporte de l’intelligibilité au mix, tout devient plus "évident" clair.
    je l'utilise très souvent.
  • Fantastic mastering tool

    by Owl
    I bought this plugin when I did some AB'ing between the XL, the Waves L2 and a few others. I use it all the time at the end of my mastering chain basically because I found the limiter on this plugin to be one of the best in terms of keeping the clarity and stereo imaging of the source material. Meeting that standard was key for me, and getting the plug just for that would have been a serious consideration. However, over and above the quality of the limiter are all the other tools thrown in. Most of them fantastic. I am still learning how to use the XL knobs. So far, using them judiciously seems to work well, subtle but impactful. Having a split band for separate limiting is also very useful. And the same goes for being able to process mid and side separately, balance panning etc. Very good and impressive stuff, and just brilliant quality. However... as a reviewer below mentioned… it is way too easy to get distortion whilst limiting the bass channel. It cracks and pops all over the place when limiting anything more than a db, or maybe two. I find it very disconcerting and surely can’t be intentional…?? I think BX needs to fix this and update to current users (i.e. not only fix for a future version). The quality on all the other functionality is 5 out of 5 – and thanks to BX for that, but for limiting the bass 1 out of 5, so why not fix it. My 2c. (PS. An idea for a version upgrade is to add dithering when reducing bits.. it is a mastering tool afterall :) )
  • A Must For Mastering

    by David
    The XL V2 is the perfect limiter to have at the end of your mastering chain. I use this plug on all my masters and I'm impressed with the width and depth that it adds to my work. The crossover control and M/S processing allow me to add just the right amount of limiting to each segment of the audio signal. This plug is worth every cent!