Customer Reviews

  • Woah!

    by Liquor Music
    I thought my self masters were pretty good but, here was the XL-V2 on sale, plus I had a voucher. No way to pass it up. Slapped it on the end of my chain and immediately the sound began to open. Then I read the manual and dug in a bit more. 20 min later I’ve got the sides saturated a bit and pumping to the (4x4 house) bottom. Widen a wee bit. Then I hit bypass and what used to be a great job on my master turned to “meh”. Turned the plunging back on and OMG! This thing is gorgeous. Buy it people.
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thanks! It's an oldie but goldie. We're still proud of it!
  • Excellent

    by BX boom
    Beyond exception
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thanks. What is missing for the 5th star, please?
  • A problem solver with superb results

    by Zak Rahman
    This plugin solved many problems for me and helped me get fantastic results in my weaker areas. Mastering in particular is a mysterious and dark art for producers like me who do everything by themselves from start to finish.
    This plugin, together with the accompanying educational/promotional materials has made a palpable difference in the quality of my production.
    The plugin is geared for really pushing the limits and making things loud. However, I have found that I also get great results from pushing the plugin less hard for genres where a greater dynamics range is appreciated.
    With this plugin, I feel the brainworx team has not just shared their experience, but somehow turned that experience into a functional tool.
    Demo the plugin and see if it's right for you.
  • It's awsome

    by sul chung
    I love it
  • Details

    by Larry
    The manual said to listen to professional recordings to get an understanding what to listen for. I did and I decided to tweak it, afterwards I flipped back and it was subtle but something was missing. The original sounded like I was listening to a recording. When I activated the bx_XL V2 it sounded like I was there because of the amount of detail.
  • Brainworx bx_XL V2

    by Kevin Bomar
    Brilliant straight forward setup. While the loudness wars are starting to end, you need to know that the V2 is not just for making things loud although it does do that exceptionally well. You can affect the spectral balance of a mix and pull detail out that really can save an otherwise flat and boring mix, you can solidify low end in the mid without affecting the upper mid (wonderful) and or course vise versa. This is one of the best mastering tools you can have in your arsenal no matter what style you're working on. Very CPU efficient. I have mastered for iTunes, Spotify, CD, and video with the V2, on-point results every time. XL V2 is just as advertised. Thanks P.A.-Brainworx!
  • Limiter

    by Kochease
    Very good transparent limiter. Slightly confusing when I first used it. After a few tutorials and videos I figured how to maximize this plug in. Best used on master trak for final mix.
  • bx_XL V2

    by RORO
    I use the bx_XL V2 for a long time to my great satisfaction. Whether as a bus or master plug-in, thanks to the various functions (M / S, mono-maker, etc.), I can improve new productions, but also refresh "old" recordings. The precision and quality of the bx_XL V2 is impressive, it just sounds better.
  • bx_XL V2

    by David Anthony
    Outstanding! I was looking for a limiter for my mastering chain and I found that and more with the XL V2. The clarity and width you get + you can dial in Saturation on your low's or Hi's.A Master control of your saturation or "XL" , Gian Boost and Threshold. This is great for me because if I've set up my threshold levels and xl levels but I want to adjust my setting collectively I can with this which saves me time. For producers I suggest you take the time and watch tutorial on how to use this plugin, its pretty straight forward. This is my go to mastering limiter, HANDS DOWN ! Numero UNO!
  • V2 4 U

    by Jeremy Graham
    After spending a considerable amount of time with this limiter I have to say that it's grown on me. Having the ability to seperate bands and 'share the load' really is the draw card for this unit (along with it's M/S & saturation functions), creating a louder master with considerably less peak slicing compared to other stereo limiters I've used in the past. What would really take it to the next level is the addition of True Peak Limiting and perhaps an adaptive attack/release feature, but nevertheless still a hardy unit and gets the job done with ease.